I have succeeded in finding some good news to share. It is a bit old, but I don't think we have linked to it yet. So, here is something to put a smile on your face... unless you are a grouch and don't like humanism. Then... well... :P 


The Humanist Society of Scotland has created, the H Factor. It isn't exactly based on the X Factor, but they did interview/audition a lot of people. Here is a description from their website:


The H Factor is the new campaign from the Humanist Society of Scotland to communicate the Humanist values of fairness, equality, reason and compassion. They're the values that bind society together, and we want to tell the world about them in the first ever Humanist TV commercial, which will shoot in early 2012.



For more information, here is an article.


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Glad you found some uplifting news!
I like happy things




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