When the Taliban robbed and shot 8 foreign aid workers in northeastern Badaskhshan province on Friday (Aug. 6), one of the victims was a 36-year old British doctor named Karen Woo.
When the Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack the next day, their spokesman claimed that the aid workers and their Afghan interpreters, who had been returning to Kabul after treating the medical problems of people in remote village, were "spying for America and preaching Christianity".
That lead Dr. Woo's family to speak out. In their statement the family said her motivation for being in Afghanistan were purely humanitarian:
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Well, just like many idiot right-wing extremist Christians in the USA consider everything that isn't their religion "of the devil" these idiot Muslims in Afghanistan probably think anyone with philosophical points that are Islamic are "preaching Christianity."

Wow, only in Afghanistan could humanism be confused with Christianity.
Honestly, it doesn't even sound like their thought processes went that deep. It sounds somewhat like they were just taking out Western targets of convenience and made up the excuse, after the fact.
Yeah, that's basically what I'm saying. It is an "Us or Them" mentality.
Apostasy is worse than being Christian to Muslim Fundamentalists.




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