Humanist Marriage "Demonic?" - Angry Christian Rails Against Humanism — This Atheist’s Polite Response Is Perfect

British TV Show The Big Questions showed Discuss Jesus founder Taiwo Adewuyi holding forth hilariously on how "humanist marriage," legal in Scotland but not in England, is demonic. He gets his comeuppance from a very polite and articulate humanist, Andrew Copson of the British Humanist Association. Here are some details. 

Discuss Jesus founder called humanism "a first-class ticket to the sea of wantonness and debauchery.”
In the video embedded below, U.K. Christian and founder of the group Discuss Jesus Taiwo Adewuyi said that humanist weddings are “demonic” rituals, that secularism is “the Devil’s PR” and nonreligious life is a “first-class ticket to the sea of wantonness and debauchery.”

Adewuyi was appearing on The Big Questions, a British show dedicated to discussions of philosophy, religion and secular society.

He was responding to a U.K. government ruling from December which declined to include humanist weddings among the legal forms of matrimony in the country. Scotland made humanist weddings legal in 2005 and the ceremonies have proven to be immensely popular, currently outnumber Catholic weddings each year.

Host Nicky Campbell presented Adewuyi, who said humanist weddings are “entirely demonic.”

“It all goes back to the origins of humanism,” Adewuyi said. “Humanism is the cancer on thanks-giving. It is the Devil’s PR. It is a first-class ticket to the sea of wantonness and debauchery.”

Humanism, he said, tries to “knock God off the throne” and put mankind at the top instead, which Adewuyi claims is wrong.

Andrew Copson of the British Humanist Association responded, “Well, if you’re going to wantonness and debauchery, you might as well travel first class.”

“Humanism,” he explained, “is a nonreligious world view that — instead of looking to revelation or authority, we look to reason and evidence to understand the universe. Instead of looking to moral rules that come from outside human beings, we look to other human beings to generate values in the here and now and also to generate meaning in our life.”

“Instead of looking externally for some meaning to give value and sanction to the existence we’re having, the humanist view is that men and women in the course of our lives create the sustained meaning together,” Copson said.

Watch the video, embedded below:

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Adewuyi was appearing on The Big Questions, a British show dedicated to discussions of philosophy, religion and secular society.

How was a moron like that allowed on a show that's supposed to be about philosophy?  Even most Christians would recognize what a stupid, unfounded assertion that it.

Yeah, there needs to be some sort of strategist to teach these people to sound less insane when they wander out of fora like TBN.  Of course, I shouldn't complain, since it would take away a good deal of my entertainment, if they did learn something.

You're right, we shouldn't complain. Let the religious extremists look stupid in the public eye!

I suddenly feel so demonic!

I always had that suspicion about you.

It's wonderful, Carl, I think I'll grow a pair of horns and a goatee.

Why am I the last to read this?  Why have I never been told about where to buy a first class ticket to the sea of wantonness and debauchery?  Hell, I've never even bought a steerage class ticket to those sunny waters.  Well, maybe a weekend Amtrak pass a few times. 

I think its a plot by the gay elite to keep be out.  Must be the "A" gays.  I was more of a "C-" gay but written in dot matrix script.

Are you growing horns under that cap, Daniel?

Chris, I'm too old for all of that.  Not much growing under the cap, either.  No horns, almost no hair  :-)

Very nice, thank you if you hadn't commented today I would have never seen this either.

As for why you're the last to hear, maybe its cause hate speech from religious people here so often sounds like that, anymore its just additional background noise.

Chris, I'm growing a secret tail. And the pitchfork is hidden in the garden shed ;)

Now, if someone would drive me to the 'sea of wantonness and debauchery' I'd like to be leaving...

I have a guild in a  video game called Debauchery Tea Party, I wish I could take credit for the name but it was first used in an Anime called Log Horizon. Best name ever if you ask me lol


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