Idaho residents protest plan by sect to build 3-story dormitory

FORT HALL, Idaho (AP) — A plan by a religious sect to build a three-story dormitory in Fort Hall, Idaho, has drawn protest from residents.

About three dozen members of The Church of the Firstborn and General Assembly of Heaven moved to a home on Reservation Road from Magna, Utah, this summer, adding a handful of trailers at the site, the Idaho State Journal reported.

I sort of wish writers were just a bit more ready to call something a cult.

You can find their website here . It looks like it was made in geocities for a middle school project. But let's not condemn it for its looks, let's condemn it for its contents.

Apparently, there's a NEW revelation, a NEW set of stones that only one person can read.

Feel free to leaf through it yourself. If I were to isolate, extract, and reproduce all of the crazy in that website, I would have to copy and paste everything.

Suffice to say, the leader of this cult Terrill Dalton has discovered that, not only can he and any other male member marry as many women as they want, but God wants them to tithe to Dalton -- also, he is the new Jesus.

How does Terrill Dalton know this?

When we (he and the other witness who has decided not to follow God -- for some reason) were traveling we were doing much praying and reading of the scriptures. I was driving my friend was reading.

He opened the scriptures and was reading from the book of Revelation. He read chapter by chapter and came to chapter 11. When he started reading it, the spirit swept through the truck and we both knew some new knowledge and were both crying as the spirit was so strong.

Feel free to read on. It only gets worse and less coherent. If you love the English language as much as I do, you may find yourself in tears as well.

Though I must say, Jesus with a backdrop of atomic explosions is a nice touch.

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It looks like they're worried about over-stressing a shared well.

Three households shared the well and now add 38 people. That's a fair enough reason to turn them down without having to explain to them, very slowly, why they're all mental.
"Suffice to say, the leader of this cult Terrill Dalton has discovered that, not only can he and any other male member marry as many women as they want, but God wants them to tithe to Dalton -- also, he is the new Jesus."

I for one can't think of a single reason why someone would make something like that up, so it has to be true.

BTW, God just told me that all the hot guys of the world need to make themselves available to me as my sex slaves ... and give me all their money. Sorry guys - God's idea. Not mine.
I see no error in your logic. Unfortunately, I have no money...
*Sigh.* Very well. I'm sure God will allow you to work it off or something.

I see they've decided to put forth their own "translation" of the Rosetta stone. Ain't nothing in the original that says it's a "great evil" to marry your sister. I do like the part that says the priests have to pay a tax for admission to the priesthood; we should have that today.
I note that they have a Black prophet (or something, see Iddo the Seer,) which is a novel touch.
"# And it came to pass that the daughters who were their did come unto me to be healed and the Lord did have me stretch forth my hand out toward them and they did touch it and were healed and I did see the record of their life each in turn as they touched me."
We know where this is goin'.
I barely got past the opening picture. Are those supposed to be rumpled up wings on Jesus and the angels? My honest first impression was that they were all on pillows. And yes ... the site was designed by a 5th-grader.


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