McKENZIE, Ala. — "If it weren't for Jesus Christ, we would have all blown up," McKenzie Police Chief Clint Reaves told the Andalusia Star-News.

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He should tell that to the victims of 9/11.
How sad is that...
I wonder, if the truck had exploded and killed everyone, could we have taken that as proof that Jesus Christ didn't exist?
'course not, that would have been just a truck exploding. Same goes for lightnings incinerating statues of Jesus.
Plus the survivors would claim that god saved them for a reason. :D
Or if he did that he was a psychotic bastard.
Nice message to everyone who's lost someone in a car crash there, Chief...
I've just got to wonder at the logic here. It's like they gained their concept of car crashes from the movies or one of the early Grand Theft Auto games. When cars flip over or crash, they don't automatically explode. In fact, they're specifically designed not to do that ... well, except for Pintos.

Even with it being a fuel truck, something has to ignite the fuel first. If you're not in a highly statically charged environment, you're probably not going to have that ignition source. Religious types just need a crash course in basic science and probability.
And this is Andalusia, Alabama. The humidity is very high here in the Deep South in the Summer. Not exactly a high risk of static charge.
Yeah, I was wondering about that. I didn't know which state that was in. I figured the deep south, but there are religious nuts everywhere, to varying degrees.
Yeah, just come to Italy :P
Oh, Fabio. Our religious nuts are superior to your religious nuts. There's no contest. ;-)


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