Find out more about the effect of Rick Perry's anti-science stance.  A film by Houston's own Joe Bailey, Jr., and UT film professor, Steve Mims, tells the tale of the Willingham Case, which documents the haunted legacy of a prosecution built on folklore.  Rick Perry ignores the science that could have saved a man's life.

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Sentient Biped posted this on another post of mine.  Nice.


He may not seem like a threat to you, but try living in Texas and having that national day of prayer crap an hour an a half away from where you live.  I don't think he will be elected, but the fact that so many people think he is the best bet is terrifying.

There was a time when I wanted to move to Texas.  I wonder who I would be now if I did that.  Maybe dead.  That was after I went to medic training at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, just after boot camp, Fort Polk Louisiana.


Having the evil prayer monster as governor would not be fun.  Having a state whose population voted him into office would also not be fun.  


Still, home is home.

Hey, don't be thinking Texas is terrible just because this idiot got elected! There are a lot of idiots here in Texas and in the South, as there is everywhere, but Texas is still a great place to live, IMHO. I love it here, I really do (I'm in the Dallas-Fort Worth area).


I'll admit to not being really into state politics, but I really don't think Perry's religious crap has been so in-your-face in the past. It seems to me like it's something he's ratcheted up in order to try to get the religious right for the presidential election. Since the tea party came about and the fundamentalist wackos have basically taken over the Republican party, I think there are a lot of candidates who think that acting uber-religious is going to help them get elected. The thing is, I don't believe that the crazy religious are the majority of the Republican party. I think they're just the most vocal (and obnoxious), and I hope that sane Republicans will be able to stay away from Perry, Bachmann, et al., and not vote for them just because they're Republican. There has to be a more sane option out there.


My brother is basically a very right wing fiscal conservative, but is not religious (I guess he's a deist, but definitely not religious). For one thing, he thinks that the "liberal media" shows only the wacko tea party & repubs, so that we don't get an accurate picture of what the tea party really stands for, but that the majority of them are not religious fundamentalists, and that their main concern is fiscal conservativism. And he puts their fiscal views way above any religious or social views they have, because he seems to think that they're not going to be able to get away with anything too radical (banning abortion outright, prayer in schools, etc.). But their religious fundamentalism (and lack of understanding/"belief" in evolution) scares the crap out of me! Just think of all the bills that have been introduced this year trying to introduce creationism/ID in schools. They try to do it really quietly, and they're using the Wedge Theory! So, so scary! (Sorry, I digressed a little bit there!)

Give us another decade of Republican presidents installing insane judges on the Supreme Court, and they'll be able to.


And tell your brother to watch Fox News.  The Tea Party that the Tea Party's own network shows is no less insane.

Exactly! It frightens me that there are probably a lot of conservatives just like my brother who are so concerned with the economy and their personal fiscal policies that they just ignore the threat they expose us to with these nutjobs!
I agree Julie -- Texas isn't terrible -- I live in Austin, TX.  I love it here too -- Austin is a very progressive city. There are idiots everywhere, like you said.
Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann don't accept evolution because they haven't been part of the process.
If the American voter didn't learn anything from the disastrous George W. Bush presidency, we will deserve what we get from a Perry presidency.
I don't deserve it.  Those other Americans might, but not me.
"You don't need no stinkin' science?!?"  Oh, swell ... not surprising coming from Perry, though.

Here's an article on that same case. It's really sad.

That's so depressing. I don't know for sure if Willingham was innocent (I'd really have to know more details), but the fact that there are SO many excellent scientists saying the evidence is bunk tells me a lot. It really saddens me to think how many people are in prison, have been in prison, or have been executed that were innocent. A lot more than anyone realizes. There is so much wrong in our justice system: flawed science, corrupt prosecutors/cops/judges, biased juries, plain stupid much wrong.



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