Illinois Catholic adoption agency whines about following the law while getting state dollars

Ill. diocese ends adoptions over gay rights law

Oh, this is tasteful. So, an Illinois Catholic adoption agency has CHOSEN to stop taking state money (7.5 million dollars of it) because if they would have continued they would have had to consider adopting out children to gays in a civil union.  They claim their freedom of religion is being violated by not allowing them to take government funds and be bigoted.  Wow, if only we all could have THAT deal.  Wonder how they'd feel if a state college barred Christians from entry?  Or if the city council of some area refused Catholics to build churches and limited construction to Baptists only?

So, instead of following the law, they've cut off their own funding and are dumping the 300 children on someone else so they don't have to deal with the gays.

Mind you, this law doesn't say they have to marry gays, or that they even have to like them. They just have to fairly consider them for adoption proceedings. Apparently spiting gays is more important than finding kids loving homes.

Is anyone disturbed that the Catholic church is still allowed to run adoption agencies, what with the abuse scandals and all?

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At least we are seeing their true colors.  Hopefully they will get such bad publicity that other Catholic Charities will have trouble by association.
So because a society allowed for such behavior that should condemn an entire group of people?
Hell, why not limit children to lesbians then?




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