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May 05, 2010

The first YouTube video I watched by British comedian Pat Condell was titled "What have I got against religion?" After watching it, I was hooked; there was no way I was going to turn away from a slick-talking,
ball-busting, matter-of-fact, hilariously offensive master of the
English language with a smooth British accent who just so happened to
say, without flinching, one of the funniest (and painfully honest) lines
I have ever heard uttered in my short life:

If you're looking at the Bible for a guide to living a compassionate, wise and humane life, well, frankly you've got more of a chance of finding a
lap dancing club in Mecca...

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whats UKIP? and whats wrong with it?
That would be the UK Independence Party, which wants the United Kingdom to withdraw from the European Union.

What's wrong with it? Well, some people like cucumbers better pickled.
why would they want to withdraw?
Wow, that's pretty damning!
Another line

I'd tell him (Jesus) What I tell every other evangelising fuck head. Screw your phoney salvation, I choose damnation. now Fuck off i've got some sinning to do.

In regards to UKIP. There are alot of people who wound want to vote that way now. Tension is high in England at the moment with foreigners (I can't talk. I'm one of them... BUT I'M LEGAL!!! :))
It's sad when used to be Liberals go so far in the opposite direction :(
I'm not happy that Pat Condell is going partisan political now. As some of the comments show, it's a divisive thing - even among his fans.
Yeah, I didn't even watch half of the recent political video he posted. I'm not even in the UK, so it wasn't something I felt concerned about.
The thing with pat condel is that he's pissed at the general politic's. But if you don't get him and don't like his views then don't watch him. It's the whole point in politics. Don't listen people and do listen to some. . :)




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