Meetings of the Board of Commissioners in Forsyth County, N.C., have long opened with mostly Christian prayers – and a majority of the commissioners are determined to keep it that way. As far as they’re concerned, what the Christian majority wants, the Christian majority should get.

Last month, however, a federal judge called a halt to the practice of praying in the name of Jesus. Although the county argued that its recently revised policy was now constitutional because it permits religious leaders of all faiths to pray on a first-come, first-served basis, the judge ruled that most prayers were Christian in violation of the First Amendment’s prohibition against government advancing one religion over others.

Undeterred, the commissioners have vowed to fight on, voting 4-3 on Feb. 22 to appeal the court’s decision – backed by $300,000 raised by citizens outraged by the ruling.



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I wonder what there reaction would be if there was a Muslim majority?
$300K, huh? I wonder how much I could raise if I told the faithful that Jesus wants them to pay off my credit cards?

Yeah, I didn't think so. :|
This stuff so sickens me, but what can you do? Here in Haywood county, the same shit hits the pages of the local rag, and the response of the citizenry is to cry out that Jesus is not being respected! Why is prayer even an issue at county Board of Commisioner meetings? What place does this have when considering issues like erosion control and tax policy?



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