India Court Forbids Antireligious Language on Social Network Sites

A Delhi Court on Saturday ordered 22 social networking sites, including Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft, to remove all "anti-religious" or "anti-social" contents in the next one-and-a-half-month and file compliance reports by February 6, 2012.

Uh Oh.  No comments about Atheist Nexus or other Ning Atheist sites.  I imagine this site would be considered antireligious by the court.


So much for freedom of speech, freedom of/from religion.

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there is a bloke on the ''a club'' on facebook who wants to get this judges email address to pass on some thoughts.... :)

I did a basic google search but couldn't find the email address for Civil Judge Mukesh Kumar - any ideas?


Internet use is not so well spread in India as in US. It is mostly used by youth. An oldie like me using internate is a rare case!

OK - there are a lot of up and coming middle class in India aren't there....  the culture seems to be changing - becoming more modern and rich....

As Christopher Hitchen's said "Religion Poisons Everything".  That includes freedom of speech.  In his book "God is not great" he describes the hell that Salmon Rushdie went through, including murders of some of his associates, on account of religion. 


According to  LegalIndia, the suit was filed by Mufti Aijaz Arshad Qasmi.  A mufti is a professional jurist who interprets Islamic Law - Shari'a.  


So in response to Loren, yes, this does look like it's part of the Muslim war on free speech.  However, I don't know the judge's personal background and motivation.  For all we know he could be afraid of a fatwa if he doesn't cave.

Alice made reference to trains arriving in India loaded with the dead and murdered.  I'm assuming the reference is to the 2002 slaughter in Gujarat.  Then, we have partition of India and Pakistan in 1947 which left over 1/2 million dead in a period of 6 months. Hindus and Muslims killing each other. Not unlike Protestant and Catholics killing each other in Ulster, or Hindus and Buddhists killing each other in Sri Lanka. Maybe some well placed barbs against the insanity of superstition would get people to open their eyes, or at leat their mouths, about the toxic virulence of religion.

Personally I think that religion is a cope out - it's not religion that is doing this stuff - it's humans - who feel bonded together as a group under whatever guise - it may be that religion promotes this due to it's retardation of rational thought - but it is the groups of humans that are causing the violence, not religion.

True, it is humans that are killing humans. If you give a gun to a person who then uses it to kill someone, you blame the person.  But, absent the gun, we may not have a murder. I'm not saying that if you get rid of religion, all human evil will cease. Recently went to a funeral of an 89 year old gentlemen who died of lung cancer, but never smoked a day in his life. However, getting rid of smoking still improves health. Getting rid of religion would improve societal health.

pat - i think to get anywhere with religious believe we need to be very clear about what is causing the problems and to what extent - otherwise we fail ourselves to show rational thought to start with .....  

Pakistan is famous for this sort of action.  However, it has happened before in India.  Everybody Draw Mohamed Day is a good example.   Internet censorship is the norm in China.  


  Pervasive censorship = dark pink
  Substantial censorship = light pink
  Selective censorship = white
  Under surveillance = gold
  No evidence of censorship = green
  Not classified / No data = grey
Internet censorship in TunisiaEgypt, and Libya has changed since the Arab Spring of 2011.

sentient - well i'm glad that the US, UK and NZ are all green - not so lucky for us in Australia - that we are gold.....  i did hear about this - and signed some petitions - not sure what's next - whether the next step is censorship....

i think it might have been the child porn issue that caused problems - although there where lots of questions about what would be next and where it would lead - haven't heard anything since as to whether we are now censored or not?




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