Indiana School Board Backs Down From ACLU Concerning Religion Classes - Seemingly

The Fort Wayne Indiana School Board voted unanimously Monday to discontinue religious instruction classes in the face of a federal lawsuit brought by the ACLU of Indiana on behalf of the parents of a third grader. The classes had been held in trailers on school grounds in conjunction with the Associated Churches of Fort Wayne (a Christian coalition). Rather than the religious instruction classes character education classes are planned be taught. However, they are nonetheless to be provided in conjunction with the Associated Churches apparently still in violation of separation of church and state, and suggesting that they will still present only Christian philosophy. The religious instruction classes had been conducted since 1944.

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Okay, I'll ask the obvious question. What the hell is a 'character education initiative'? Sounds to me like they'll probably be teaching about the same thing with a different name.
Yep. I'm sure it's pretty much exactly the same "teaching" with nothing more than a different label slapped on.
It's probably just a switch from "Jesus loves you" to "What would Jesus do?"
What's wrong with: turn the other cheek until your head gets knocked off? (Of course.)

In that the classes are still going to be in conjunction with the Associated Churches I don't see how separation of church and state has been circumvented. The Associated Churches are not going to compromise xtian philosophy and very obviously will not be asked to.
I live in Indiana near Ft. Wayne but in a different county. They have the same religious education trailers in our school system. When I was a child I had the choice of going to the trailer for class or copying pages from the dictionary. Now my children go to the same schools. At least now they only let the child go if the parents have given written permission. And the kids who don't go are allowed to work on homework. But there has been some protest about the whole thing and I heard a rumor that they are going to move the trailers off of school property. What a load of crap.
If the classes are still going to be taught at taxpayer's expense I don't see how just moving them off school grounds will satisfy separation of church and state. It will probably cost more to teach them off grounds than on.
Yeah, actually I plan on getting more involved with the school system. This is the first year my kids have attended public school, we were homeschooling before and that kept me too busy for much else. If there are parents who want to give their children religious instruction, they should do it on their own time. Isn't that what Sunday School is for?
Someone just suggested to me that I find a Jew, a Muslim, and a Buddist so that we can all bring our own trailers to school and demand equal time with the students. I wonder how the fundies would feel about separation of church and state then?
Ya... Do they seriously think that is enough to stop the lawsuit. Please tell me it isn't. The closest thing we had in my school system was in the 11th or 12th grade you had the option of taking a comparative religion class. Which was often taught by either agnostic or atheist teachers.
From reading the article it seems that the ACLU is not going to pursue the matter any further.



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