Indianapolis schools ban only selected religions, as well as atheist and LGBT sites, from students' Internet.

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According to a Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) press release, Indianapolis public schools are illegally discriminating against certain religious views, banning students from seeing sites containing what they term as "mysticism", which apparently includes atheism.

Notably absent is reference to Abrahamic religions (Judeo-Christian, Muslim), of course. Not content with just banning information on non-mainstream religious views, Indianapolis public schools have also deemed LGBT sites as off-limits as well.

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I wrote all the school board members this

Dear Sirs and Madems:

Although I do not live in your school district I have stumbled across your filtering policy for school computers. I would call most of it excessive filtering, and find it puzzling why 'atheistic viewpoints' would be categorized with witchcraft, satanism, voodoo etc. Maybe it's a typo, or a personal agenda by the original writer or editor, but atheistic viewpoints should not be discriminated against. Not only would it be constitutionally illegal, but atheists fill the ranks of scientists, philosophers, lawyers, doctors, Ph D's. Atheists above all, are freethinkers searching to find the truth. They do not have agendas, but are merely trying to find the answers to all of life's questions. These seem like desirable traits in any pupil.

I assume that none of you buy into the myths about atheists, such as a lack of morals, but I would recommend you do some research on the subject.

Although it's not professional, I've included a youtube video listing prominent atheists.

I am not advocating teaching atheism in school, but atheism should not be discriminated against.

I hope that you reconsider your policy,

Thank You,

Judd Glenn
Lexington, North Carolina
Thank you. I will be writing my letter soon.




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