Indonesian man arrested for Atheist Facebook post

Apparently, America isn't the only place Atheists need champions.

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For what I hear, he was not only arrested but beaten by a crowd as well.

The real problem is that blasphemy is actually against Indonesian law (shariah, anyone?!?). Apparently, they're more concerned about the status of a non-existent deity and a misogynistic, pedophile prophet than they are in free speech.


I thought Shariah law simply dictated what foods muslims could eat and how they could be prepared.  Like kosher is to Jews.

LOL. Not even close.


This is the link to the Jakarta Globe which is the best source for the story and updates.

Indonesia is an overpopulated peasant country of islands. It is multi-religious with Islam being the largest religion.

In this case it appears the initial complaint to police was made by muslims who claimed the man made blasphemous comments on Facebook. The Facebook page had been removed. The muslims also formed a mob.

Indonesian Atheists are on the social network sites and this should create a lot of traffic in coming days.

Wow. "Allows other religions, but atheism is illegal." This just boggles my mind.




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