Insane Republican candidate of Washington primary: atheists should go extinct

Congressional Candidate Ernest Huber: We’re in a War

What lights would those be? Apparently the lights of crazytown from whence this man comes. Read that interview and be terrified that anyone like this could even run for office.

Apparently he is going to lose, but that these people are actually running on Republican tickets these days terrifies me.

Some gems from his Rise Up America page:

Feminism, not femininity, is contrary to women’s nature and is intended to ultimately destroy men and women.

All of the atheists I’ve known are spiritually and morally handicapped. All of the communists I’ve known are atheists. Not all atheists are communists, but that ideology is their natural inclination. The communists who say they are Christians are liars playing the Gamaliel liberation theology game. Consequently, discussing God with atheists is like discussing the color green with those blind from birth. Just as the blind should not drive school buses, atheists should not drive governments. There are sound reasons why atheists are discriminated against and have extinction level birthrates worldwide.

It’s an addiction, not a right. I have never known a homosexual who didn’t have a personality disorder. Homosexuality is a sexual addiction that degrades civilizations like any other addiction: That's just common sense. Legislatively enshrining any addiction is utter madness. Humanity has a God-given right of self-defense. That right has been defamed as a hate crime by addicts, those seeking social destabilization, and RINOs. The hypocrisy and irony is that self-hating homosexuals are in virulent denial of their addiction and are committing hate crimes and acts of violence against Christians. Homosexuals are naturally excluded from Christianity by their acts; this inclines them to atheism, which inclines them to communism. Homosexual acts were felonies forty years ago, and they should be a felonies today.

If you separate Christian doctrine from state virtue you lose both. Christianity is being attacked by renegade government employees, pseudo-intellectuals, and a depraved media. This must stop immediately. The social collapse we are experiencing is mainly due to the loss of our moral foundation. Deadly totalitarianism cannot exist in a Christian nation, so the wannabe dictators actively try to suppress Christianity

Most Democrats in Congress are political terrorists who improve nothing and leave destruction in their wakes. Just watch C-SPAN. They arrogantly use communist code words, e.g., progressive, activist, and organizer, hoping to hide their actions and intentions.

Environmentalism has become a weapon. The bad guys wear many masks. One of them is called Sustainable Communities.

National and state teachers’ unions and the Department of Education have become leftist political indoctrination agents and costly boondoggles that have vested interests in education failure (and some RINOs support them). They should be abolished. English mastery, true American and Western civilization history, and Constitutional memorization should be required to graduate, or we’ll get more ignorance, balkanization, chaos, and government tyrants. I will support tax rebates for parents with private schooled or homeschooled children to offset taxes paid for public schools, and to promote educational competition.

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Note how he keeps talking about the "complexion" of Congress. That in itself is scary shit.
That's some strong crack that he is smoking.
I don't think they make crack that has got to be some LSD/meth hybrid.
If only he were on drugs.
Deadly totalitarianism cannot exist in a Christian nation, so the wannabe dictators actively try to suppress Christianity.

Does this dumbass even believe what he says? The scariest part of the whole thing, to me, is that they don't even see the blindingly obvious comparison between their behavior and that of the Muslim extremists in the Taliban.
Well, of course he's blind to that...Christians are moral.
Glad he wants to do something about those godless Ayn Rand commies.
Ayn Rand commies...nice.
Wow, this guy is a complete nutjob... it's sad I get lumped in with him simply due to geography.

And to Фелч Гроган: Not all of us atheists are either communists or lovers of that sociopath Ayn Rand. I do get your point though.
I really think it's hilarious that homosexuality is constantly referred to as an addiction by these lunatics, as if its something that heterosexuals have to constantly resist, always fight off the urge to have sex with a member of the same sex - it really is hilarious . Nothing funnier then another classic self-repressed sociopath telling other people how to live .
Well, he clearly suffers from constant, homoerotic urges, and then he projects like hell onto everyone around him, telling everyone that this is what all straight men deal with.
Unfortunately, the moderate Christians don't see this, because they don't realize he means fundamentalist Christianity. Apologists are good at deluding themselves already. And the fundies are all for it.



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