This is why we went to war in Iraq - so that they would have the freedom to murder people who did not conform to Islamic ideals.

Militias now terrorizing and murdering men who appear to be gay or "emo".

So glad we went there to give Iraq "freedom" and "democracy".

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Seems they were more secular when Saddam was in power.  Mission accomplished!

They were more secular because if they argued with the Baathists, they tended to get dead in a hurry.

I think Saddam was just a dictator, and his Islam was incidental.  Sort of like most other dictators. Most likely I imagine that Iraq will head the direction of Iran (as will Egypt and Libya) and have Islamic republic with Sharia law.  Not secular, and as heinous as any other dictatorship.  I really don't believe that the US had any more desire to build democracy than we did to remove weapons of mass destruction.  It was to enrich Blackwater and Halliburton, and for GWB to show his daddy that he had balls, going after the man who threatened daddy years back.  Oh, and that oil stuff.


Thanks for the link. *sad sigh*

They were going to greet us as liberators; throw flowers and candy in front of our troops, their oil was going to pay for the war; freedom, democracy, and modern civilization were going to reign; the war wasn't going to be any longer than 6 months (mission accomplished banner); Iraq was going to be an anchor of stability in the middle east; the idea we would have several hundred thousand troops there was considered outlandish; ousting Saddam would be a major victory in the "war against terror"; Iraqi's would have a better life with more reliable utilities, schools, and medical services; blah, blah, blah........

One thing Bush said that turned out to be entirely true. We weren't going to be nation builders. No shit!

This article gives the number known tortured and murdered in the past 6 weeks as 60.  Some have their heads smashed in by concrete blocks.

Update.  This video claims up to 200 murdered in the past 3 weeks.


By the way, none of this is new. THis 2009 NYT article, states 25 murdered at the time of that article.  Even though these killings are by gangs of thugs, they are not that different from Iraq law, where apparently the death penalty exists for homosexuality, and has since the 60s.

It's incomprehensible to me how horrible people treat each other, especially religious people.




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