The BBC on Friday (World Update; Morning Commute) reported on the waning influence of the Catholic Church in Ireland. Several of those interviewed attributed the exodus of especially young people from the Church to the child abuse scandals, and the Church's cover-up.

But in his interview of a priest, Dan Damon asked how 'the Irish people can fill the moral void without the church'.

I like the BBC's news reporting, especially compared to US news agencies, but here is an example of the popular myth that ONLY the religious can be moral.

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Radio, I think, judging from what he posted.
Oh, cool.
Well, I'm sure that Ireland can find a comparable moral leader from some of their worst sociopathic felons, if they want an equivalent replacement.
How will they possibly deal with not torturing themselves and not apologizing for being human?

As an addendum, I just read on RTE news that the Irish government is closing its embassy to the Holy See. They say it's purely for economic reasons, but this comes after a lot of fairly acrimonious exchanges between the Taoiseach and the Vatican, so there's probably more to it than saving a bit of money.

It's quite amazing, really, how quickly the church has lost its influence in Ireland. A decade or so ago no-one would have believed Ireland could ever have extricated itself from the iron grip of the church. It's a Celtic Spring.




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