IRS asked to investigate politicking at Jerry Falwell's university

It wasn't enough for the good ol' boys that run Liberty U to just teach that creationism is a better explanation for the diversity of life than evolution... They've also been caught doing some brazenly-partisan meddling in local politics; something that's a no-no for tax-exempt non-profits to do.


And maybe, just maybe, they'll lose their tax-exempt status over it. (more here)

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I'd be interested in knowing if this is the first time an organization's tax-exempt status was actively pursued for revocation ... and if not the first, what the history has been with other cases and other jurisdictions.
I think their tax exempt status was revoked before.
I hope it works out. The Liberty U campus would make a great parking lot.
They are brazen because they are used to getting away with this stuff. This is why I love AU, they seem to be doing a great deal of work in this area and it is about damn time.



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