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"When Alastair Campbell claimed that Downing Street "Didn't do God" he was simply voicing the political reality of the times. To do otherwise would leave the administration open to ridicule and derision. I am not sure, either, if Jeremy Paxman would have adopted the same sarcastic tone with a leading non-Christian politician as he did with Tony Blair when he asked if he and George Bush prayed together. "

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When you plant a seed, that is easy, but to remove the existance of a tree in its totallity, roots and all, that's another undertaking all together. Buddist quote.

When we liken that idea to religion,(Latin root of the word religion, religare (to bind strongly)), when the very first seed was planted in it, there was very little understanding of the universe, in that respect the soil was rich for the cultivation of religious beliefs that sprouted roots in the innocence (ignorance) of the people of the time(s).

Keep in mind that the time was a place where communication was tones grunts and grones and hand gesters and wall the refutability of these incling thoughts were nearly nonexsistant.

As comunication evolved, so did religion, when people questioned it , if they wer lucky they were told to have faith or else...and if they were unlucky they were sacrificed to the god of choice.

As knowledge turned into wisdom for some, that wisdom was turnd into religion(myth) for others. The knowledge obtained by the advancement of communication and star gazing and the mapping of the planets and the patterns within, is without a doubt the field of religious cultivation, which in turn culivated phsycology, government, wars, inhumanity. In my mind religion is a tool used only as a foundation for control, to bring people together and then fragment them (with propaganda)so that they can't "come" together, it's the whole seed thing, as powerfull and deep as our minds are capable of being they are just as weak, so propaganda takes root just as easily as anything...

So here we are in the 21st. cenrury not understanding anything, bickering with oneanother as if we ivented our problems, not being able to come together. I realize that it's at our foundation that we differ, I mean do christians really believe that it would be any better if the whole world was christian, christians them selves are fragmented, they have killed them selves, attacked them selves for centuries.?!

The whole thing really saddens me, humiliates me really, to think that at one time it must have been just pleasant on this planet, and now.....

If god is so great than why did he create a "serpant"(trickster) to fool his most advanced creation and if he is so virtuous why didnt he show patience with adam and eve ???? there are to many questions for the bible from the very first page to the last. On a finger print you can convict some one on as little as a six point match or so. So why do we as a majority believe something so refutable???

If you could prove the non-existance of god, and not only that but so much more, whould you?

In the last 5 yrs. of my life, I have been in a sort of sonic self-study, kind of like in the Fifth Element, the movie. I can't remember the actresses name but she was sat infront of a computer, and like flash cards, witnessed the whole of (in)humanity and it about killed her. Well, that was a great movie. Where her experience (awakening) took a couple of hours mine has been five years and one divorce. For whatever reason ... I feel this need to speak my mind, to express my observations and perspectives, unfortunately Iowa doesn't lend itself to me that way...

**** Unrelated FYI, "Blackwater Def"., (Prince, the founder), got alot(most) of the money for his private army from an "Evangical ...." Started in N.C. and have a training camp in Wisc.. Is anyone else wondering WTF!! Could it be that history is in the process of repeating itself?

I realize I am rambling, preaching to the choir..., hoping to lend another perspective or insight...

Ok, my answer to this very important topic Christianity is ONLY changing for the times, as it has done through out ALL history. There is way to much... shit, invested there in! Money, power, control, are at play, as well as egos, arrogance, pride, greed... the rap sheet is very extensive! And "IF" it ever did die, which I DO WISH it WOULD!!!, but if it ever did cease to exist, it will be through understanding, on many levels...
However!, I am a realist, so... the facts are, we live in the epicenter of an enormous Idiocracy. As much as that hurts to say it is true, WE ARE FU@KED! Unless we Atheists get intimate... Online atheism is alive, alot of babbling and rambling, ^as you can see above^, atleast it's there(well you can see it anyway, but in our little towns atheism is not, it doesn't exist, it's all religion ALL the time.
lets hope so!!!




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