Thou shalt not suffer a witch-toy to live. This means YOU, Harry Potter action figure!


A Calgary man who volunteered to work with Sally Ann, the Canadian branch of the Salvation Army, has turned whistle-blower as a result of a disturbing practice by the charity; that of throwing away toy donations it doesn't like based on religious reasons.
As reported in the Dec. 8 edition of the Toronto Sun, the man, who wishes to remain anonymous because of his occupation, volunteered to work with the charity because he admires what they do but, in the course of his assignment of sifting through unused, donated toys, was disturbed by the instructions Salvation Army officials gave him. Two kinds of toys, out of the massive amounts collected at malls, schools, police stations, etc., were to be removed. These included the Harry Potter and Twilight movies figurines.
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What I find telling is that the SA reps publicly told the paper that such toys are shifted to other charities, but privately told that anonymous guy that they just throw them away. Liars for Jesus!
What do you expect? They are of guilty of one of what I think is the greatest crime already.


It makes sense though...if they give it to some other agency, the "evil" toys are going to go to just as many kids. I like how they espouse Christian values, so toy guns are just peachy.

And throwing away Twilight action figures is bad because....

It's a point, yeah.  :-D

But think of all the fun kids can have defacing them!

It's their reasons that suck. Twilight can get bent as a franchise, but they're essentially wasting people's money - throwing it away - and lying to them about it solely because they don't like the idea of supernatural beings that don't have wings and halos or horns and pitchforks.

Just another case of the Salvation Army sucking.  When I see the folks with bells and donation pots, I usually remain silent and just walk by.  But when they ask me for a donation I tell them I don't donate money to anti-gay organizations.  I know most of the volunteers are just trying to do a good thing, but why not bring it up when they start it?

I agree.  I have usually just told them that I don't feel comfortable forcing people to be proselytized to before feeding them or giving them shelter.  I generally just get a confused look back from the bell ringers.  Do you feel they at least understand what you mean when you say "anti-gay organization" because I think I often just confuse them.

It's just like the Tea Party.  Most members of any conservative organizations are sheep, ignorant about most of what the organization does and supports ... at least here in the US.  You get some of that in liberal organizations, but I think our numbers are much better.

So maybe the confusion that I see is not because of multisyllabic words, but because they lack the knowledge of what they are supporting.  I can see it that way too.


I just cannot think of a constructive way to engage that person.  Then again, I am not sure why I feel so compelled to change that person's mind.  Experience would tell me that it is not likely to be useful.

That's definitely the case with the Tea Party.  They're funded by a billionaire who wants to push the country back to the right and get pro-corporate legislation passed.  They just use the fundamentalist Christianity (which is contrary to the Libertarian ideals they claim to hold) to sell it to the mindless masses.


Engaging them is damned near impossible, since most of them are old and set in their ways or blinded by their religion.  You have so many layers to strip away, before they'll accept that they're being manipulated.




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