Thou shalt not suffer a witch-toy to live. This means YOU, Harry Potter action figure!


A Calgary man who volunteered to work with Sally Ann, the Canadian branch of the Salvation Army, has turned whistle-blower as a result of a disturbing practice by the charity; that of throwing away toy donations it doesn't like based on religious reasons.
As reported in the Dec. 8 edition of the Toronto Sun, the man, who wishes to remain anonymous because of his occupation, volunteered to work with the charity because he admires what they do but, in the course of his assignment of sifting through unused, donated toys, was disturbed by the instructions Salvation Army officials gave him. Two kinds of toys, out of the massive amounts collected at malls, schools, police stations, etc., were to be removed. These included the Harry Potter and Twilight movies figurines.
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The Koch brothers.  What a fun family. 


Let's remember those poor uninformed people who were so upset with the thought that the government programs they depend on to survive being taken over by the government.  That was just painful to watch and listen to.

I don't think they really understand or care, because many folks have no shame over being anti-gay, but at least it makes them notice that I am gay and I have no problem bringing it up.  I'm sure it gives them a story to tell, and I love giving people stories to tell.

One of my gay friends showed me a slip that she would put in their donation thingy instead of money: it said something about how she wasn't giving money to the Salvation Army b/c of their anti-gay beliefs, and then said how much money she would have donated. I don't remember which group made those papers, though.

Yeah. Worst-case scenario, you're driving the right people the right kind of crazy; let 'em stew in their bronze-agery.

dr Kellie this sounds like a good approach.  they are pretty innocous here, stay out of the way, and just stand and ring their inane bell, so I leave them alone.  but if any ever got in my way that would be my approach.

ridiculous Salvation army, I've never liked them I prefer to go through secular charities. if they must throw away the twilight i'll take em. i have three teenage girls on my Christmas list, they are all in love with the characters... hey if it keeps them away from real boys for a while longer alls good.




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