Islam insulted: suspected child murderer photographed for mug shot without her hijab, furious husband vows to sue

Provided that she is guilty, her tears warm my heart.

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Man... I am mean.
Oh well, I can live with that.
I lol'd.
This happened in Illinois, the state where I live.

The nonsense about photo IDs taken without the headscarf came up here when a woman refused to take her scarf off for a driver's license photo. The state would not issue her a license without a photo of her face. Only common sense; with the full facial scarf, the woman is not identifible in the photo.

Of course, the woman sued. I don't know how this case turned out, though. I hate it when the papers print the beginning of an interesting case, but then that's all.
If it would make her husband happy, why don't they just post a picture of a woman wearing a hijab as a wanted poster.

-well that was a little fascist of me to say that, but it seems like what do the expect from a murderer?
Here you go -

Get over it. What good would a mug shot be if only your eyes were visible? If you're arrested you don't get any special rights for your religious beliefs. You get treated just like any other accused criminal. If allah, god or fsm are offended let them come down and take it up directly with the police officers.
Exactly. Just what the DMV here said about driver's license photos in my state. Driving is a privelge, not a right, and rules must be followed, such as the one about an idenfiable face shot on your license.
The insult is the picture not the fact that she beat a two year old to death *eye roll* Well, let's respect the religion not the child. I wish this were a joke!




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