Erez Yechiel, the subject of the story, is an Orthodox Jewish artist in Israel who specializes in religious music.


The crime he received the lashes for? He performed in front of an audience that included both men AND women.


More here.



Erez Yechiel on the cover of his album, "Confession"



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The HORROR! What's next having Jews and Muslims in the same audience?
I love this comment on the original article:

These "lashes" are entirely symbolic and cause no pain or injury whatsoever. Interesting that the "objective" JP distorts this story to make it deliberately misleading just before Rosh Hashana. You wouldn't have an agenda , would you? At least come out in the open so we know who writes this rubbish.

I can't help to have this extremely disturbing image of:

"Oooh, I've been SUCH a naughty boy! Hit me again...oooooh." come conservative religion so often ends up with weird S&M play? Eh, whatever floats your boat I guess.
Yeah, it's not even the punishment that bothers me, real lashes or not. It's the fact that they're giving out punishments for that. What the hell is wrong with these people? I mean we expect it from the Taliban, but come on, guys.
Meh, one Abrahamic religion looks like all the rest to me.
Yep! They all are equal weird and stupid - and dangerous.
i agree
The distortion may have something to do with Israeli politics. The ultra-orthodox are not liked by the majority of Israelis. Because their little splinter parties are often required for coalition majorities in the Knesset (Israel's parliament), they wield influence well in excess of their numbers. This has been detrimental to Israel in many ways, including the imposition of religious-based laws and special military and welfare status for themselves.
And the rabbi behind this (the guy in the white robe and turban) is considered a bit of a freak even in most religious circles in Israel.
There's a video of the whole thing on Youtube. The actual lashing begins at about 5:30 and can only be seen as a reflection in the glass behind the three rabbis. The actual dialogue is fascinating and if I have time I will subtitle and repost it. What happened is that the singer asked for a punishment to serve as an atonement in this world, so that he won't be punished in the world to come.

The whole thing is incredibly bizarre, but it is a take off of a custom by Jewish mystics (which I have witnessed) of males receiving 39 symbolic lashes right before Yom Kippur.

What happened is that the singer asked for a punishment to serve as an atonement in this world, so that he won't be punished in the world to come.

Okay, yeah, that's even more fucked up, that religion does this to people.
Yep, it IS S&M play. Did he have a ball gag too? Or is that later or limited to Catholic altar boys?

(sorry couldn't pass that up)
Hey, I was an altar boy for 5 years. Be sensitive.

... ball gags give me flashbacks. O.o


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