Erez Yechiel, the subject of the story, is an Orthodox Jewish artist in Israel who specializes in religious music.


The crime he received the lashes for? He performed in front of an audience that included both men AND women.


More here.



Erez Yechiel on the cover of his album, "Confession"



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Heh, I really was an altar boy for about 5 years, actually. Fortunately, I was an ugly child, so I didn't receive any 'special' attention.
Good thing that. Well, not the ugly part. You know what I mean.
Of course, this isn't Israel. This is a cult in Israel, which has been investigated by the police for some of its bizarre practices. You then write, "it is a theocracy and no better than Saudi Arabia, where they have "religious police" who run around looking for women to beat and stone. I think the jews do the same thing."

Good thing they missed Israeli model Bar Refael at the Tel Aviv Beach.

She looks just like a Saudi woman at the beach. Allow me to introduce Miss Saudi Arabia, Aya Ali al-Mulla:

LOL! That's much better than my reply would have been.


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