"The New Zealand Advertising Standards Authority made a no-brainer of a decision earlier this week when they determined that a church billboard reading, “Jesus Heals Cancer,” violates advertising standards.

Thank you, Captain Obvious!

According to The New Zealand Herald:

The [ASA] complaints board acknowledged the church had no intention of causing offence with the billboard and instead wanted to provide a message of hope.

However, it upheld the complaints, ruling the advertisement had “neither been prepared nor displayed with the due sense of social responsibility required” and therefore breached the code of ethics.

Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/its-official-jesus-doesnt-heal-cancer.h...

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Now, how do we get them to apply a sane standard like this to billboards in the US?

"A message of hope"?!?  More like "a wild, arrogant, unverifiable statement, whose hope is false and presumes a completely undemonstrated capacity."  Jesus never so much as cured a hangnail, never mind cancer.  The fatuous theists who want to promote this bilge had better learn that if they want to make such irresponsibly bold statements, they'd better be able to back them up with evidence.

Oops, "evidence."  Never been a good concept for them...

Well, if Jesus doesn't heal cancer, exactly what does he do?  Next you'll be saying he doesn't heal amputees either.

One thing that always confused me was the question of why divine intercession in prolonging life would be desirable.

If I believed in a heaven, wouldn't I wish to get there as quickly as possible?  I mean, why bother with the trappings and travails of ordinary life?  Cancer would be a ticket to get into heaven early. 

So wouldn't a better billboard be, "Jesus sent you cancer because he loves you!"

Nice to hear that something regarding religion goes halfway right once in a while.

Leave it to the land that brought us Flight of the Conchords to be the sanest place around. 


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