Are your pets Rapture-ready?

A new business promises to care for the pets of people who are transported suddenly to heaven in the Rapture, an event that some evangelical Christians believe will precede the Apocalypse as described in the Book of Revelation. Most Rapture experts say that when the faithful go to Jesus, their pets will stay on Earth with the non-believers.

That's where Bart Centre - pet lover and atheist - comes in. For $110 (U.S.), he and his network of pet rescuers, confirmed atheists all, will go to your house in the event of the Rapture, rescue your dog, cat or other pet, and care for it for the rest of its life or until the end of the world, whichever comes first.

The idea for his business, Eternal Earthbound Pets, began as a joke between friends, but Mr. Centre says he recognized a business opportunity and is now dead serious.

----- Here comes the tricky part, I hope this posts correctly because I think it's very amusing news!:


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The business made no guarantees that the Rapture was going to happen and even states it is run by people who don't believe in it.
Any "rapture" pet care business is not contracting to provide a service on a date certain, INSTEAD THE CONTRACT IS TOTALLY DEPENDENT UPON THE xian being absent from the domicile of the cat or dog or whatever. For one hundred and ten dollars, I'll be glad to ring the doorbell on May 21st in 16 months and ensure that the companion animal is not in need of my contracted services. What manner of logic could any lawyer file a lawsuit against a legitimate business contracted for a future service? Wall Street is never sued on futures markets unless some insider trading is alleged. I have no control over Jehovah on when and if s/he/it "raptures" up xians into sky daddy heavens. As long as a pet owner provides me a key and permission to enter the home and provide care for the animal, I'll honor my part of the bargain on any date certain for the safe loving life of a cat or dog
The fact is, regardless of whether your clients believe in the rapture or not - you don't believe there is any possibility of a rapture, so you have taken their money under false pretences.

If some deluded person believes that goblins may invade their home and cause untold damage, is it ethical for you, knowing that there are no goblins and that no such event will ever happen, to take their money to insure against it - the proviso being that the insurance only applies to goblin damage? In my opinion it is not only unethical, it is theft.

What's worse, this ill-conceived, mendacious scheme takes advantage of people's genuine love for their pets and is far more likely to fool the poor, uneducated and elderly than those who can afford to be duped.

That this con-man is doing his business under the banner of atheism makes me sick to my stomach.
"belief" is not a legal concept....
no one can believe anything in the future, there is absolutely no religious test allowed in any business contract that is enforceable....
contracts can be voidable upon conditions, ethics conditions, bona fide credentials, ability to perform.....
frankly Kristy, if you are an attourney and want to put up on this claim of yours, go for it.... I'm sure I can find a willing xian who'd contract with me for future pet care and describe this unknown date and consideration of service "rapture care" and just you dare come try and claim I or he executed a fraudulent contract on either party...
if you have no civil rights or tort claim law experience, quit pretending that you know what you are talking about....
All Atheism is not about belief but about proof, evidence and logic.
My father taught me and my sister such basic facts.
I do not understand you can make such bald faced alleged legal expertise conclusions...there is nothing unethical about caring for pets, the date certain is only described and the promise is completely possible to perform, the money is held in escrow and your injection of "belief" if totally absurd,
goblins have nothing to do with pet care
there is no tort of religious fraud
James Bakker defrauded time shares and spent the escrow funds lavishly and unethically, but the basice promise of Christian Community membership, though logically falacious to our eyes and minds, is perfectly legal, just as future pet care contracts.
Oh, so you're Hump under yet another alias. Thank you for making that clear. You have already been banned from this site for having multiple identities. I'll be delighted to have this profile removed as well.
LOL!!! Some people have way too much time to spare and brains to waste, apparently. About the "Rapture for Dummies" book, could there be another kind?
Wow, I didn't know that...
Not only that, but he ripped off the idea of Rapture-ready pets from the person who originally came up with it.
This guy, Dromedary Hump, is probably the most shameless loser that's ever appeared at this site. Virtually every post was contrived to plug his own self-published book that no one cares about, the same book he wrote a bunch of raving 5 star shill reviews on Amazon for using bogus accounts, then stole this pet rapture idea from another website and set up his own copy, again purely to advertise his book. To show the length and depth of his spamming and self-aggrandisement, he even ended up on Australian atheist forum, again with a bunch of bogus accounts all praising his genius. I'm not going to provide links for anything, he's had enough free advertising.

The guy is a braggart and a fraud and has nothing of value to contribute to anyone anywhere. I can't believe people are still getting suckered.
Hmmm, part of me wants to unpost this, but I think I should probably leave it so that more people know about him. Thanks for the info!!
You can read what this guy has to say about us here. His resentment is deep and eternal because it took a whole nanosecond for not one, but 3 people here to independently call him out as a charlatan on the first occassion he chose to grace us with his presence.

On my first post I was attacked for being too radical; not tolerant enough; not willing to meet religionists half way; and according to a couple of self appointed spokesmen for the group, I was the odd ball among their entire 10,000 membership because of my militant anti-theist positions.

No, it was because he was a fraud, a spammer, a shill and a plagiarist. And he knows it. Letting him know he's not wearing any clothes really hurt.
¡Ay, caramba! That goes to show that being a prick has nothing to do with believing or not.




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