Are your pets Rapture-ready?

A new business promises to care for the pets of people who are transported suddenly to heaven in the Rapture, an event that some evangelical Christians believe will precede the Apocalypse as described in the Book of Revelation. Most Rapture experts say that when the faithful go to Jesus, their pets will stay on Earth with the non-believers.

That's where Bart Centre - pet lover and atheist - comes in. For $110 (U.S.), he and his network of pet rescuers, confirmed atheists all, will go to your house in the event of the Rapture, rescue your dog, cat or other pet, and care for it for the rest of its life or until the end of the world, whichever comes first.

The idea for his business, Eternal Earthbound Pets, began as a joke between friends, but Mr. Centre says he recognized a business opportunity and is now dead serious.

----- Here comes the tricky part, I hope this posts correctly because I think it's very amusing news!:


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What you can do -

Use this link wherever you can -

Even if you don't want to show it, just embed it as an invisible link. This will bump up the google page relevance count by the number of referrers. Also, if you have anything you would like added to this link, let me know. It's a work in progress. Enough is enough.
The fraud has now been on Humanist Network News -

If you even remotely care, you can let them know at -
ref: Humanist Network News Podcast #43

I sent them this -


was plagiarised without attribution from -

It is now being run as a pure for-profit scam, none of which is being returned to the community, as admitted here -

The same site is being used to virally spam his book.

The Hump has also established a huge nuisance reputation as a serial spammer and bogus account using forum poster to promote and advertise his own genius, including writing shill reviews for his own book on Amazon. He has also freely admitted this here -

His relentless serial spamming, sock puppeting and general fraudulent behaviour has earned him life bans at and and probably more. Moderators at those sites can confirm everything above.

You are being used by a career fraud who has contributed nothing to our movements and is in it purely for self aggrandizement. You are giving him time. This is disturbing.
Frauds aside, I first heard of this I'll-be-your-post-rapture-pet-rescue idea on this site seversl months ago.

Upon lots of mulling over the ethics of it, I actually do think it's a great idea.

Nobody needs cookies. In fact, they're usually detrimental to our health. Is it therefore unethical for me to sell cookies? You and I are beyond confident the Rapture will never happen. But these Xians are just as confident that it will. If I started such a business of my own I'd be very open and show my honest intent in every way possible. Photos of my home and where the pets would be staying. The name of an Atheist vet whose services I'd use. Ways for the person to keep me updated on their home address and what pets are there currently. I think if my intentions were honest - and indeed, if the Rapture really does happen I'd gladly swallow my pride and collect all the pets I promised to collect - I'm not taking advantage.

Like the butter-laden cookies, I'm selling something that I think is going to shave a few days off your life, but you seem to really really want it so hey...

Plus, there's a very real benefit these folks would be getting. Like the psychological benefit of the cookies (they taste good, thus make us happier), that Xian may be genuinely worried about what would happen to Rover post-Rapture. For a hundred bucks or so, I've sold them a lifetime of peace of mind about that.

I would seriously look into starting such a business (so long as it doesn't rip off from someone else), except that I don't have a home. I have a 20' RV in which I live off the grid and already occupied by three cats and a snake. Hardly makes me able to take care of more pets.

Too bad too, because I really could use the money.
I want to comment to all of you attacking Hump.

So it is really nice that all of you "know someone" who had this idea first. Do you know anyone who has actually turned it into a business that can collect money from the narrow minded god believers that would buy into such idiocy in the first place? Nope. So whoever had the idea first...if they did not ever develope it, put a business plan to it, do the work to set the company up, draw up contracts and actually begin running the busines...then he is not copying them and they should have done something themselves if they are now bent out of shape about it.

This is a legit business and it is not fraudulent. Is it fraudulent for me to start an insurance company? Nope...even though there are plenty of them. If allstate sells fire insurance, is it fraudulent or plageristic (the people posting do not understand the meaning of either of those words, I will add...laughable) for me to sell it? Nope. I can sell it even though others already are. And my product might be better. And in Humps matter who you knew that had this idea...they did nothing with it.

You are all missing Hump's intention with this. He is doing it to show how idiotic belif in the rapture is...and how easily such people can be duped. It is a lampoon that actually can collect money from the gullible. He openly calls it a scam...while also pointing out that the real scam is the belief in the rapture to begin with, so his is kind of like a piggy-back scam.

But your use of terms like fraud and plagerism to try to somehow say that he has no right creating such a business is just stupid. The fact is this...he has done more with the idea than any of the people you know who had the idea first. He has taken it further, developed it deeper and is legally doing business in this area. Not so much for those who you want to give original credit too.

I think atheists should applaud people like Hump for taking the initiative to publically show fundamental christianity for what it is...a system that relies on the gullibility of it's followers and which sets those gullible followers up for more what to do with their pets after the rapture.
And yes...I have been friends with Bart Centre for a number of years. He is a retired businessman. He is a vietnam vet and was truly an atheist in the foxholes. He is intelligent and has done quite a bit to forward atheist agendas and issues. Far more than any of you taking shots at him. here, I can prove it.

This is a link to his book at Amazon. it is one of the best selling atheist books around right now. Hump is guesting with other notable atehist authors and is really working towards forwarding the atheist viewpopint and agenda.

So, while all of you improperly use words like plagerism and fraud to describe what Hump has done, he is busy making a difference.
I would really rather not have Bart Centre represent me as an atheist - he is exactly the kind of person who gives us a bad reputation. He certainly has zero respect in the wider atheist community and he did that all by himself.

There is no doubt whatsoever that Bart spams his book and business pretending to be a disinterested third party. There is also no doubt at all that Bart joined this site under a false name with the single-minded intention to attack members of the Atheist Foundation of Australia forum who were congregating here after their site had been brought down by a DDoS attack. He stated that plainly in his posts in the Australian forum.

In his many dealings on the internet, Bart has proven himself to be deceptive and untrustworthy. That is not the image I want bandied around for atheism. He would do us a greater service if he'd just find God and work for the other side.
"Larry", you can also tell Bart that sooner or later I'll come across a .pdf of his "book" which I will then throw to the wolves. We'll fine tooth comb it for other material that has been creatively pilfered. I suspect probably the entire thing is "borrowed" from the smorgasbord of the greater 'net. Bart has exposed his character online so well that I doubt there will be an original word in there anywhere.
Larry Huffman: You are all missing Hump's intention with this.

No one's missing your intentions at all Larry / Hump (Hump's such a liar there really is no way of telling if you are not Hump). You spell them out loud and clear.

He just signed up his 100th client. Mr. Centre, author of a book on atheism called The Atheist Camel Chronicles, thinks the Rapture is bunk - which means the $11,000 he's collected so far is easy money.

None of which is getting returned to the community. In other words, you spam and shill yourself in our communities, using multiple bogus accounts, all for grubby personal gain. You are lining your own pockets by abusing our good natures and trust. Then laughing about it and thinking you're very clever. Well you're not Bart. You are a liar, a charlatan, a fraud and a plagiarist. The community knows it and you are running out of places to play your confidence tricks.

You bring shame to the godless everywhere.
Actually Larry, after reading your blog entries, I don't think you are Bart. Your writing seems original and lacks masturbatory self-praise.
And appalling spelling.
As a novice writer and web designer, I agree there is no real plagiarism in simply taking a general business idea and starting a similar one of your own. Who was the first guy to have a 'restaurant' that sells mostly just coffee? Is every coffee shop thereafter plagiarizing?

I haven't looked at Hump's site, but based on the concerns raised, I'm wondering;

- Is his content way too close to or exactly matching that of the first site?

- Is the layout identical?

- Is he using proprietary images, graphics, or fonts without permission?
You miss the point entirely. If you want to be strict, everything is plagiarism, everything derives from what precedes it. This is the linear narrative of life. This loser's plagiarism of the rapture website is merely the cherry on top of a pile of manure. Let's recap -

* Every action this dick takes, including this rip off website, is to promote his shitty self-published book that no one cares about and to praise his own genius. He has spammed the length and breadth of the 'net using dozens of bogus accounts including self-penned shill reviews on amazon, and has been banned for this behaviour in many places.

* This is how he responded to being caught out as a fraud here. You can also see him brag about it here.

* He similarly sockpuppets to promote himself as a prominent and upstanding member of our community to get his slimy toe in the door at various prominent online blogs and journals. He does so by abusing people's trust by deceptively creating the impression that he is promoting our cause when in actual fact he is purely in it for monetary gain and returns absolutely nothing to our community in any way. You can see him brag about the easy money in this articles main link.

* He then uses existing articles on sites he has duped as reference material for the next site he wants to dupe.

The plagiarism is a minor detail when you look at the overall ethical and moral bankruptcy. This guy is a failure and a nobody and he's on par with deadbeats that scam a living on the Law of Attraction seminar circuit.

He drags all atheist and freethinkers through the mud with his charlatanism. That is what should concern you.




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