Jehovah's Witnesses ordered to pay $21 million in child sex abuse case

Surprise! This time it's NOT the Catholic Church involved in a cover-up of a priest/child sex abuse scandal.

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What a mess.  Actually, there are multiple cases of Baptist and other ministers arrested / convicted for sex crimes as well.   Not sure about the cover-up aspect although  wouldn't be surprised.

US Buddhist temples too (I've reported on it) and yes, cover-ups were involved.


You are absolutely right,  Sentient Biped  and there is a web site dedicated to highlighting Baptist clerical abuse of children. You can find at the following URL

What is needed right now is focused and concerted attention ANYTIME this happens, followed by criminal and/or civil prosecution, regardless of the perpetrator's religious affiliation.  This shit is NOT acceptable, FULL STOP.

Could not agree more  Loren, unfortunately, the abused are fighting this battle on two fronts.One is the power of the Church itself (in Ireland they were struggling against a functioning theocracy) and the official policy of the RCC which was to cover up and deny.Which seems to be the policy now being adopted by other followers of Christianity. Two, is the power of the delusion of faith itself, the Congregants placed their Priests and Pastors in exalted positions and believed them to be beyond reproach.

 Let's not forget these scumbags did not troll the streets looking for kids, instead,  they stole the childhood of the children of their loyal believers and followers.If you have the stomach for it I am going to post a link to a video called "The Ressurection of Brendan Smyth" in it all of the issues of child abuse and cover up by the RCC are discussed. It is upsetting and informative and in my opinion essential viewing material.

And I have no doubt the loyal congregants of the JW's face the same level of pressure to stand by the Church and deny as do Catholics.


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