I just read this in Réveillez-vous!, the French edition of Awake! (August 2009 issue, page 3), a JW periodical:

Quand elle est approuvée par la loi, la discrimination peut mener à des atrocités comme la purification ethnique et le génocide. On trouve un exemple de tentative de génocide dans le livre biblique d'Esther.

which translates as:

When approved by the law, discrimination can lead to atrocities such as ethnic cleansing and genocide. One can find an example of a genocide attempt in the biblical book of Esther.

If you read the Bible, you'll notice that the target of this attempt was the people of Jehovah - i.e. the Israelites. And this attempt failed because of Esther.

Now, isn't it symptomatic that, among the many succesful genocides committed by the Jehovah-sponsored Hebrews, or Jehovah himself, the JW choose this failed attempt to illustrate their point?

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Hmmm, coincidence?

On another point though, I believe it was in an issue of "Awake!" last year I read an extremely good and well-articulated piece on global climate change (the reality of, not debunking of) and of course our roles as stewards of the Earth to do something about it.

Once in a while, an evil thing like religion can be used for purposes of good.
Well, they don't call them Jehovah's Witlesses for nothing...
The PR campaign used by the Witnesses is very appealing. They propose that in the near future all of humanity will be united as a family with prosperity and justice for all. They offer the hope that God's intervention along with responsible stewardship will cleanse the planet of pollution. As a worldwide group, they've done reasonably well in remaining neutral in times of war and promoting racial equality. That was the message that I could get behind when I was a Witness.

The problem is the disconnect pointed to by Jaume. They actually look forward to Jehovah's execution of all non-Witnesses as the act that will usher in the glorious paradise. They want you to join them because they feel that if you don't, you'll be destroyed at Armageddon. If they tell you otherwise, they're lying.
Oh, I've talked to enough Witnesses to know that, outside religion, they're the kindest persons in the world. What chills me out is their kindness is far from genuine, it's only a by-product of their beliefs, their expectation of a reward in the afterlife, and their absolute submission to the authority. If someday, one of their leaders tells them to sally out to kill the infidels and heathens, Joshua-style, we'll be in trouble.




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