This is one of those stories where seeing is believing... at least for some folks. While driving along Highway 26, Rickey Navarre, a Hathaway, Louisiana man was surprised to see what appeared to be an image of the crucified Jesus Christ hanging on a utility pole; an image formed out of clinging vines.


More, including a video, here.




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Jesus be buggered. That's Swamp Thing!
LOL! I thought the utility company was just making an example of someone who didn't pay their utility bill.
That's what I was thinking....has to be swamp thing! Look like he got lynched!
Has someone been smoking some exotic vines? Another case of "you see what you want to see" no matter what.
Umm, it's a bunch of stuff hanging up around a cross-shaped structure with some handy arm-shapes already in position. I mean I know the definition of retarded is really broad in rural Louisiana, but come on!
Wow. If I wasn't going to the New Orleans Aquarium 20th birthday tomorrow and flying out the next day, I'd be down in city park looking for a Flying Spaghetti Monster. I bet there's tons of em thanks to Spanish Moss. But where's the news coverage on that?!



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