The case of Colleen R. LaRose – also known as “Jihad Jane” and “Fatima Rose” – raises troubling questions about the ability of Al Qaeda to attract US-born women to terrorism.

Blond and green-eyed, Ms. LaRose looks more like a former cheerleader than the Western conception of an Islamist extremist. According to the FBI, she told co-conspirators in an e-mail that her appearance would allow her to blend in “with many people,” so that she could achieve “what is in my heart.”


Aside from LaRose, the article states "only two other women have been charged in the US with terror violations." The article also states also mention "US counterterrorism officials long have been concerned about the possibility of Islamic radicalization of US natives. But generally speaking, they have focused on potential terrorist recruits that are males."

I find it odd that the article seems to attempt to portray this sort of thing as a rising trend, when it's more likely that this woman (and the other 2 as well) is just a lunatic.

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Lunacy and rising trends are hardly mutually exclusive...
One terrorist from Yemen had FAUX News and the Religious Right demanding we racially profile anyone from Yemen.

Am now eagerly awaiting the outraged demand we racially profile blonde, green-eyed, American white women.
I was surprised after the underwear bomber that we were not told to stop wearing underwear.
This isn't all that outrageous. Remember you are talking about a bunch of psychopaths that are completely morally and ethically bankrupt. They don't give a fuck about anything on our terrestrial world. They are well know for recruiting children, the mentally disabled and raping women so they can have a choice of being stoned to death as sluts or blowing themselves up for god. The sharp rise in burqa bombers isn't exactly news either. So recruiting white women is a logical idea, as far as anything bout their idiocy can be "logical". Terrorists that people don't suspect are a desired asset.

Also, don't forget that at the peak of Baader-Meinhof terror in Germany, a "shoot the women first" policy was adopted by German anti-terror units (and subsequently many other security organisations). This was not groundless - female terrorists were found to be far more committed and therefore lethal. Never underestimate chicks - there are reasons other than being inconspicuous that makes them prize terror recruits. Just think of spiders.




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