John Hagee tells atheists to leave the country: 'We don't want you'

John Hagee, the charismatic Christian pastor whose 2008 endorsment of presidential candidate John McCain was disavowed by the latter because of Hagee's controversial statements about Nazis, Jews, Islam and Catholics, is back in the news again.

Guess what? He also doesn't like atheists (no surprise there) and he's not too happy with pagans in the military either (see video).

More here.

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...if our belief in God offends you, move!

Yo, Hagee!  If OUR DISBELIEF in god offends you, why don't YOU move?

For all their prating about tolerance, what Hagee and others of his ilk really want is exclusivity, christians in first place, everyone else NO PLACE.

As to "pagans in the military," I would pay money to see a confrontation between that fat fart and an atheist service member who had done time in Iraq or Afghanistan.  Hagee's ego has clearly run away with him and he desperately needs to be knocked down a notch or three.

How much money? :)

heh! Hugh can arrange that for ya!

About that much...! [wry chuckle!]

I got two words for you Johnny boy -





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