Johnson County settles Ten Commandments suit, will allow church-sta...

This is another huge victory for us, and in a state so rife with Evangelism.

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That took some real courage.  I googled on "Mountain City" TN - if Im not mistaken, that area is very rural, secluded, and very religious.  He could have been singled out for bad things.


(by the way, to add "Ten commandments" to your search term, put it in quotes.  Otherwise people will need to search on "ten" or "commandments".  Similar for "church-state separation".)

We should follow up with a demand to display the FSM with a copy of the 8 "I'd really rather you didn'ts"

Refresh my memory, what are the 8 "I'd rather you didn'ts"?

Damned good news.  Makes me wonder though what is going on in Tennessee regarding the teaching of Intelligent Design.  If ID manages to get in, we may be looking at one step forward and one step back.



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