The atheists are coming! The atheists are coming!


A number of atheist and humanist groups like Washington CoR, the AHA and a bunch of bloggers from the Friendly Atheist are organizing to be part of Jon Stewart's Rally To Restore Sanity on Oct. 30.


Wouldn't you like to know what'll be on their signs!


More here.



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Haha, that's weird because I really like Colbert but don't care as much for Stewart.
I share the same opinion.
why didnt u like colbert
I don't always like his delivery as well.
Of course. I understand the subtle, understated humor of British comedy... like Benny Hill and Monty Python.
I was thinking about adding that.
It's all those skits where the men dress as women that are the most subtle and understated.
Anyone remember "The Alexi Sayle Show"?
I'm going to the Rally in Boise which was started by a few of the local atheist groups.
I'll be there, the husband and I are taking the train down from NJ. We're not planning on bringing signs though.
I wish I could go. It's just that it isn't easy for me to spend a lot of time traveling anymore.
I'm sure there will be plenty of coverage on the telly.
Someone in my atheist group was saying it isn't really the place for pet causes. Restoring sanity is a cause in itself.

I'm wondering if there will be some insane people there anyway, though.




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