The atheists are coming! The atheists are coming!


A number of atheist and humanist groups like Washington CoR, the AHA and a bunch of bloggers from the Friendly Atheist are organizing to be part of Jon Stewart's Rally To Restore Sanity on Oct. 30.


Wouldn't you like to know what'll be on their signs!


More here.



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Perhaps they'd prefer to Keep Fear Alive?

I can't wait to see how the bozos at Fox react to it, I think Stewart and Colbert are going to surprise them.

33 minutes to go!
Right on all counts. I don't think most atheists are going there to bang the godless drum though. Hemant Mehta and the AHA group for instance, have only one organized activity planned; going out to dinner afterwards. And the sign content contest Mehta had on his blog seemed to be mostly in keeping with the Rally theme. An exception may be Washington CoR which I believe will be gathered under it's own banner. I don't know if they have any special content planned for signs though.
Go to for the live feed!!!!! I'm getting all emotional, there are over 150 thousand people there. :D
The got Father Guido Sarducci to do the benediction. :D




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