I really like this one.
Chew on that last sentence for a while.
Good Stuff.

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I've looked over this site and I must say that it could be a source of joy for a long time to come. I find this article very uplifting.
Ah, yes, the Mormons. We should really not forget to pay some attention to them. Joel, you're right, this website is handy reference for anyone needing to explain how a religion can get started and how positively insane it can be. There's a great article linked on the home page concerning....wait for it....passionate kissing. Truly good find.

Anyone who wants to read an amazing book should picked up Under the Banner of Heaven: History of a Violent Faith by Jon Krakauer which is one of the best books I've read in the last 10 years. It details Smith's founding of the LDS and it's history and also describes in vivid, shocking detail, the fundie split-off cults.
You know, you wonder how anybody can be an Xian with a straight face, but the Mormons! They are so hilarious. How can they ever admit to it? (And to think one might have been and might yet be president. That's not funny.)

mormons have their own special way of speaking complete gibberish!

i wonder if brigham young corrected mistakes in his sermons. you know, like the sermons where he taught that there were 8 foot tall men dressed like quakers living on the sun and moon. . . ?!?

i kid you not,
Dressed like Quakers huh? Really? Seems like that might be a little hot on the Sun.
They're coming to take me away, aha!
They're coming to take me away, oho!
To the funny farm....etc, etc.
I laughed at this crap until I thought of all the people who actually _believe_ this stuff. the absurdity that people will swallow. . .
Mormons what can I say man and the men that fallow them. Sometimes I think I'll make up my own religion just for fun.


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