Judge rules San Diego teacher can keep 'God' banners in class

The Religious Right wins a round in (Biff! Bang!) Poway. There may be some nasty fallout for civil liberties too. (more here)




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Nothing worse than a teacher with an anterior motive for teaching.
From this example, I wonder how long it will be before we see displays like this popping up in classrooms all over the country. Christian nationalists are relentless in their pursuit of theocracy, and will use any excuse to chip away at the wall of seperation. It's local decisions like this that become the stuff of major Supreme Court cases.
There's no real argument - everything non-educational should have been ordered to be removed. Tibet groupies are every bit as repugnant as xtian ones.
Of the other three mentioned:

- Tibetan prayer flags should come down too.

- Photo of Ghandi and the 7 social sins; If the teacher is a history or sociology teacher, then it's relevant. Yes, Ghandi was a Hindu leader, but was best known as a social activist.

- Photo of John Lennon and words to "Imagine;" Again, if it's a history or sociology class, I don't see a problem with it.




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