According to a report today in Courthouse News Service, a family specialist fired by a Baptist-owned youth home after they discovered she was a lesbian, is not discrimination based on religion... at least, not according to the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. In 1998, Alicia M. Pedreira was working for the Spring Meadows Children's Home in Mount Washington, Ky, which is run by Kentucky Baptist Homes for Children, Inc. She was dismissed after her employers discovered a photograph of her with her female partner at an AIDS fundraiser. The reason they gave for letting her go was that her homosexual lifestyle was contrary to the "core values" of their Christian organization. Pedreira sued Kentucky Baptist.

More on this story here.

(just a little hint of what to expect - the judge in this case is a Bush appointee)

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It isn't religious discrimination, is is discrimination based on sexual preference by the religious. I would think it is illegal for a government funded group to do such things, but the Boy Scouts do it all the time, so who knows anymore.
The Boy Scouts also discriminate on religious grounds. The BSA has policies which prohibit atheists, agnostics, and "known or avowed" homosexuals from membership in its Scouting program.
I am very aware of such things...and yet they get government discounts, so apparently it is legal for such groups to get government funding.

Not that it is constitutional, mind you, just legal.
Fuck it. She should have known from the start that fighting AIDS was against Christian core values. Let's not forget, on the 7th day God rested and on the 8th day he made AIDS to kill all the gay stuff.
Of course there is a simple solution to all this - remove their tax-exempt status and let them discriminate to their hearts content. Everybody's happy.
Let them keep their tax exempt status and remove the hundreds of millions in government funding. They want to act like a church, they can be treated like one.

That or revoke the tax exempt status of every church that doesn't file to become a legit non-profit.
From Americans United article in April, 2009 issue of Church and State.

She had been wary of applying to the organization. Being a lesbian and aware of KBHC’s religious nature, she doubted they would like her, and she guessed she might not get along with them, either.

But after the initial interview, she felt differently.

“I thought I had a pretty good chance,” Pedreira recalls. “I realized that I did like the program they had for the kids.”

So when she was called back for the second interview, she wanted to make sure they knew the whole truth.

“I disclosed to them that I was gay,” she said. “I did not want to have problems with the Baptists. I was honest from the beginning and they needed to be honest as well. I said, ‘Please, don’t hire me if six months from now you are going to fire me.’ But they did, almost six months to the day.”
Well, if that is true, that makes them EXTRA large assholes, and possibly gives her a case. If they fired her for being at an AIDS rally/fundraiser, that should be covered under disability discrimination whether or not she has it. Possibly. Maybe.




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