Kentucky Baptist Church Takes Stand Against Interracial Marraige


A small Pike County church has voted not to accept interracial couples as members or let them take part in some worship activities.


To be fair to Eastern Kentucky, most people reacted negatively to that decision.

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One of the commenters to the article stated:  "I'm a Baptist. Came to faith in Canada at a Bible believing evangelical Baptist church. Canada, being a multi-cultural country, our congregation had folks from around the world. This race nonsense wasn't even an issue. 

Then I moved down here to the US, and the Baptists here are well...nuts. 

In Texas, Pastor Jeffress at First Dallas Baptist throws his support behind Rick Perry, the 'Ooops'  candidate for President. Perry is not at all concerned that 22% of the children in his state have no health-care. Nor is he concerned his skewl system is ranked 49th.  Nor is Jeffress.

Besides Jeffress has a $121 million church expansion to worry about these days. 

My own church in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin just smiled as Gov. Scott Walker who is the son of a Baptist preacher and an Eagle Scout and everything trampled on the rights of citizens giving $2 billion to his corporate cronies while raping the school system (second best SAT scores in the US) of $1.6 billion, taxing the poor, and cutting health-care to the poor. 

So much for James 5:5 concerning the rich. 

So much for the church's job of rebuking sinners. Just hop right in!

Baptists in this country are devoted to a sick perverted American-only form of Baal worship. Has the look and feel of a church as Peter writes, but it ain't no Christian church that's for sure. 

If Baptists in the US want to invest in anything, sackcloth and ashes would be a good first-step. 

In the Book of Revelation, Jesus commended only the church at Smyrna for its poverty and challenges among the seven churches. 

I can just imagine Him now saying, "You are neither hot nor cold. I want to puke you out."

Well, it's a slippery slope.  If you allow those damned coloreds to marry decent, white folk, the next thing you know, teh gays will want to marry.

Just what century do these people live in? Prehistoric times? (Actually, I doubt even the homo sapiens then would have cared.)

You are right,  There is DNA evidence showing that homo sapiens interbred with other related species like Neanderthal man and other species  "they also had sex with several species of our ancestors across the African continent. And they did it often. "We think there were probably thousands of interbreeding events," said Hammer. "It happened relatively extensively and regularly."


Genetically, human races are so similar they are difficult to distinguish.  Because of ancient and modern interbreeding, we are all hybrids.  No one can even come up with an effective definition of what a race is.  Some times we might know what we mean by race, other times not.


But those people in that church are just stupid.

Well, one more reason that religious people suck. 

I saw this on the AOL home page the other day ... and about all I could do is shrug and wonder if I was certain that it was the 21st century I was living in....

Oh darn, I'm already excluded from that church!



Me too, and for more reasons than my mixed culture home :-)




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