Phone calls from God still had some children in awe Thursday morning at St. Nicholas of Myra vacation bible school.

“He told me to fish for people,” 8-year-old Noelle Nunes said, “and tell everyone about him.”
“He told me to follow in his footsteps,” 7-year-old Jack Dubois said. “The phone call really surprised me. He didn’t say an awful lot, he just told me to follow him.”
So begins an Aug. 3rd article published in the Taunton Daily Gazette.
The vacation bible school (VBS) program was organized by the faith format director and the religious education teachers at the church. It was designed so that each of the twenty-one 6 to 9 year old participants in the weeklong camp would receive a personal phone call from God in addition to the usual religiously-inspired games, crafts and songs.
We’re teaching them life lessons about trust, love, caring and sharing and we’re connecting with them,” said camp volunteer Rachel Nunes.
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We're teaching them life lessons about trust by lying to them. Even if you personally believe in this bad-tempered voyeur, you're still lying to the children with the telephone call.
Christians? Lie to children? Shocked! Shocked I tell you!
I mean yeah, you expect some lying, after what they do with Santa Clause, and how they lie about what's in their own holy book.

... but this is just vile.
You beat me to it.
I'm pretty sure that this violates of the spirit, if not the letter, of the "no graven images" commandment.
I always thought they should have a guy dress up as god and let kids get their picture with him at the mall at xmas time - present an alternative to the heathen Santa Claus
Wow, and you thought God reacted poorly when people said his name, in the Old Testament ... and now they're impersonating him? He's gonna be piiiiiissed.
We’re teaching them life lessons about trust,

By lying to them?
Okay, impersonating God and lying to children that you are God... this isn't a sin? Come on, that one really has to be up there. And how can they say to follow in his footsteps? Doesn't that entail becoming and claiming to be a God, which I know is breaking one of their lovely "Ten Commandments"?
I don't even know where to begin. Though I guess I'd start by saying this is a fantastic way for us to prove god's existence. Just let us *69 the number. You don't mind if the kids follow along, do you? Not afraid of breaking the illusion, are you?

*major, knock-myself-unconscious, facepalm*
Maybe we could get a list of those children a let them in on a phone call from Zeus or maybe Satan.

Hi kiddies
don't forget the valuable lessons of lying, deceiving, and manipulating; true Christian values.


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