Children barred from sermons at church

Wait until you see the reason why.

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The sad part is that I'm not surprised.

The Church of the Most Holy and Sacred Kiddie Diddler. Must be pulling a page out of the Catholic play book.

This is another example of the mindless tribalism of religious groups. Apparently a congregation will forgive their pastor for any crime as long as he mouths the right pieties afterwards.

Question is: what else is he mouthing ... or who is mouthing HIM?!?  [and no, no joke or pun intended]

Sure, we believe you.

So true.  And so stupid.

if you haven't seen them already, the posts on clergical crimes show this is by no means isolated.  I put an alert in  my google inbox and it gets flooded with reports of child molestation, rape, theft, and murder by ministers.  Most seem to be Baptist, but there are others too.  The words "Youth minister" and "arrested" flow together with alarming frequency.  Really, I think all children should be kept away from all churches - the world would be a better place.

It's not at all uncommon for churches to have clergy who are sex offenders.  It just that most aren't registered.  


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