Koran burning cancelled, Ground Zero 'mosque' cancelled

MSNBC update: The imam contradicts the Pastor's story and says there was no deal.

Update to the update: the deal to postpone the koran burning was struck with a 3rd party imam unrelated to the Cordoba house project who is acting as an intermediary to try to broker a deal between the two groups.

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Funny how I just saw this a few minutes ago on MSNBC myself lol
Yeah, it was breaking news maybe two hours ago. The followup story doesn't look good, though. The pastor is claiming he was promised that the 'Ground Zero Mosque' would be moved. The Imam he spoke to in Florida says he promised no such thing, and the guy in NYC who's in charge of the 'Ground Zero Mosque' apparently has no freaking clue what's going on. This is still going to end badly, I bet.
I liked P.Z.'s take on it.

Burning the Koran should be no different that drawing Mohammed. We don't think they should get all bent out of shape over the drawings, and they shouldn't get upset over what some moron in Florida wants to do either.

When someone tries to insult you, just don't be insulted, kind of like the 'stick & stones' rhyme you learned as a kid.
He was right! I feel pretty much the same. I wouldn't burn a bunch of Qurans, but I'm not outraged. There is this thing called "international blasphemy day" which some atheists support, and I've seen plenty of atheist desecration of Christian paraphernalia, but suddenly the majority of atheists are appalled by Quran burning. Islamic fundamentalists are burning the American flag on 9/11 (they've also burned plenty of books) and I don't see any outrage from the people who were outraged by the Quran burning. (I say whatever, if only they would stick to flag burning.) Some have said it will fuel anti-American sentiments, but there is no shortage of that.
Normally I wouldn't care about the Quran burning but, we are fighting a war in Muslim territory and this will not help.
That's pretty much my take, too. Our current mission is to win over the moderates and get them to work against the radical elements of their own religion, alongside of us. We're working for the global push towards civilization. Our actions should be goal-oriented, not ideal-oriented. This is where so many Libertarians go wrong.

Yes, they're doing the same sort of thing all the time to our icons, and we have every right to do it in return, particularly considering our rights to freedom of expression ... but the point is we're better than them, and we should hold ourselves to a higher standard than they do.
Susan: if we can say "the majority of Muslims disagree with the actions of a small group of extremists", then the same is true for a small group of American wackjobs (how big is this congregation? and what percentage are they of all of America's population) burning the Quran.

(In either situation, it's debatable whether the majority of Muslims/Americans disagrees, but that's a tangent.)
Do you really think the Muslims in Afghanistan are thinking that it is only a small group? They will believe the propaganda that Al Qaida is sending them.
From what I know of the constitution and the way I read the amendment I didn't see anything that correlated to "build any religious symbol anywhere I want" and when I bring up the fact I'm shouted down....HARUMPH.

The First Amendment isn't even the primary influence there. That's basic free-market economics. You own something, you can do whatever you want with it, as long as it isn't illegal. The First Amendment just supports it.
It sounds like that guy something Jones... Jim Jones? I dunno... is trying to hint that he's been angling to get the mosque moved the whole time. It sounds like he was just frustrated that Muslims haven't put two and Sasquatch together yet (I would say "two and two", but that would imply that this made sense) and canceled plans to build the Park 51 place so he made this press release in hopes that they would just go along with it.

Of course, that would imply that he never actually wanted to burn them in the first place, and that he sees his bluff being called and he's getting desperate.
The problem I have with these morons burning the koran - which I don't have with Draw Mohammed Day - is the apparent intent. We drew (and draw) Mohammed as a deliberate exercise of free speech. They seem to be burning the Koran as the latest salvo in the holy war of America as a Christian nation versus all Muslims and Arabs. We spoke out on our rights as individuals, while they decided to speak out in our name in what will be seen as an explicit declaration of hate and war.

Really, I see it as the difference between the deliberate exercise of free speech and the deliberate utterance of hate speech - both protected in America, both offensive to Muslims, but both with distinctly different intent.
I did a cartoon for the Draw Mohammad day but didn't post it. I felt that I would be to close to supporting the Crusading Cockroaches in their holy war, rapture fever crap. The Christian / Islam millennial long pissing contest doesn't need help from me.
As an Atheist I consider both to be equally delusional and carbuncles on the ass of humanity but I see no reason stir the stupid pot, particularly when the stupids have guns, bombs and a death wish.



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