It was just a matter of time before some loudmouthed, ignorant fundamentalist — Pat Robertson or one of his ilk — opened his mouth and stuck his foot in it. This time the short straw from the short bus was Senior pastor Cho Yong-gi of Yoido Full Gospel Church, a Pentecostal church on Yeouido (Yoi Island) in Seoul, South Korea.

I fear that this disaster may be warnings from God against the Japanese people’s atheism and materialism.

I hope that these series of events will drive the Japanese to turn their eyes towards God.

Click the links for more info, or check out my blog entry for my further commentary.

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This video was just posted on Facebook.


Insane. Delusional. Sick beyond belief.
That's so loving and kind.

Yeah, I linked to one of her videos off of an Atheist Experience video, 5 or 6 months ago.  She's a real headcase.  She's one of the ones who make you damned near positive that she's a Poe ... but obviously she's not.  I mean no one can really be that mindless ... but she's not that good of an actor.  It's such a mind-fuck.



This was the second video of hers that I watched.  How can people think like that and still manage to dress themselves in the morning?

Does she even posses brain cells?
Yes ... and it's lonely.
No fair, she's high on god.  She'll soon be pregnant with His child.  THEN what will you cruel atheists say?  Huh, that'll show you!
Apparently she's closed her account. Good riddance.

Well damn.  She was a lot of fun, in a twisted way.  Maybe Susan was right about her being a Poe?  Hmmmm.


Also possible that she was hacked and shut down, after that last video.  The amount of hate she was getting for that was nuts.


Awwww, and I just read the new posts on the second page.  Damn.

Only a brain stem.

... and I just watched this one, now.  She's a fucking monster.  And she's one of the May 21st psychos, isn't she?


Edit:  Heh, holy crap.  Pull it up on YouTube and look at the like/dislike ratio, guys.  That's awesome.

It seems that you aren't the only one who thinks she is a poe.  I REALLY hope she is one.


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