It was just a matter of time before some loudmouthed, ignorant fundamentalist — Pat Robertson or one of his ilk — opened his mouth and stuck his foot in it. This time the short straw from the short bus was Senior pastor Cho Yong-gi of Yoido Full Gospel Church, a Pentecostal church on Yeouido (Yoi Island) in Seoul, South Korea.

I fear that this disaster may be warnings from God against the Japanese people’s atheism and materialism.

I hope that these series of events will drive the Japanese to turn their eyes towards God.

Click the links for more info, or check out my blog entry for my further commentary.

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Thanks for sharing your blog entry.  Whenever something terrible happens, two types of jerks are going to come forward.  One says that it's the victim's fault for not being "godly" enough.  The other says it's the "end times".   Apparently now, the in thing to do is make a sarcastic video about it.  *sigh*  This chick isn't the only one to do this.  I have seen two news stories this morning about public figures who did the same thing.

It was only sort of sarcastic.  She was playing a character.  That's what the character would have thought about it.


The scary part is that the public figures were probably dead serious.  Which ones were they?  I'm sure one was Pat Robertson, huh?  Can you give us links to stories or anything?


Edit:  Here's one I think you may mean, about Glenn Beck:  It's kind of vague, but he gets his idea across.  I guess he was trying to avoid giving people a solid soundbite.

These are the ones I meant:



This guy was the press secretary to the Gov. of Mississippi.  His joke wasn't too bad, but as the guy who tells another guy what to say to win people over, it wasn't his best move - especially considering the governor plans to run for president. 

Heh, good lord.  Admittedly, I don't expect any better out of Gilbert Gottfried.  I've seen his comedy before.


But yeah, sending mean-spirited jokes in e-mails to staffers and such ... jeeze.

I didn't even know who Gilbert Gottfried was before this.  I guess he is looking for that  Mel Gibson/Charlie Sheen/Lindsey Lohan/Howard Stern kind of fame.  Soon we'll be hearing he's going to rehab. 



I saw him on late-night USA Network stuff, back in the day.  When I saw Aladdin and a few of his other voice-work appearances, I already knew who he was.
Well, considering his portrayal of Iago in Aladdin and the Aflac Duck and now this, I think it's safe to say that Gilbert Gottfried is CLEARLY for the birds!
He's one of those actors you really have to think about it to remember who they are.  I recognized him as the parrot voice, but I didn't know his name until now.




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