Lawsuit filed to halt Gov. Perry's association with sectarian prayer rally

On Wednesday, July 13, the Freedom  From Religion Foundation, a Madison, Wisconsin-based church/state watchdog  group filed a lawsuit in the Southern District Court of Texas to block Gov. Rick  Perry's continued association with "The Response" prayer rally scheduled to take  place August 6 at Houston's Reliant Stadium. The suit, brought on behalf of the  FFRF's 700 Texas members, alleges that Perry's actions as governor give “official recognition” to a devotional event, endorse religion, have no secular  rationale, and seek to encourage citizens to pray and nonChristians to convert  to Christianity.

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From the lawsuit filing:

14. The defendant, Governor Rick Perry, is the Governor of the State of Texas and he
is sued on the basis of actions that he has taken and is imminently going to take as Governor, including the issuance of an official proclamation that bears the State Seal of the State of Texas and public appeals to participate in the August 6 prayer rally.

He's issued a proclamation under the state seal. He's using his position as Governor, as well as state resources (the website) to advertise the event.  It will be interesting to see how a judge rules on this.

You can read the entire filing here.

Wow. His proclamation is just such arrogance! I declare August 6 the Official Day That Julie is Going to Wear Her T-Shirt That Says: "Cogito, Ergo Deus Non Est." For the nation, doncha know. ;)
I am glad that the FFRF is suing Gov. Perry --  I am one of the 700 dues paying Texas members.  Maybe they will be able to prevent Gov. Perry from associating himself with the prayer event.

Maybe Gov. Perry and his supporters will take the FFRF lawsuit as a badge of honor.  It will legitamize him as a "courageous crusader for christianity" and prove his love for Jesus.


That's not to say I disagree with the lawsuit.  I'm all for it.  Perry's pathetic pandering for prayer needs to be made an embarrassment. 

I think I saw today that the lawsuit got thrown out by a judge. Any truth to this? And what was the reasoning?


Edit: Yep. They said the plaintiffs (FFRF) had no "standing," and Perry and the head of The Response said it was a victory for the First Amendment. I think the problem was that they made a big deal out of Perry even attending the event, when the biggest problem (in my opinion) is his promotion of it. And I'm pissed that the taxpayers money (MY money) was used to defend him, since the Texas Attorney General was the one defending him. ARGH!!

Here's a link.

Yeah, almost every court case that the FFRF loses is because of standing.  It's the biggest crock of recent court culture.  I don't give a damn if it directly effects someone or not.  If a governmental action is illegal or unconstitutional, then any citizen should be able to challenge it.
Exactly! That's like saying the ACLU can't file a discrimination suit because no one in the ACLU was directly hurt or affected. Horseshit. If it's unconstitutional, it's hurting everyone!

using state $$$$$$$s to "defend" this in court makes it even MORE unconstitutional!

are there any constitutional lawyers out there willing to take this up to anyone in charge?!?!?!????

yes ladies and gentlemen and everyone in between...

we ARE witnesing the USA going totaly batshit barking mad!!!!

We already knew that, because of the demolition job the Republicans in the House are currently doing on the economy, right now, as we speak.

Just awful.  I was pretty sure the lawsuit would be thrown out.  Sad.


I live a llittle more than an hour from Houston, and some of my local progressive group members are getting together to protest the rally, but I can't take the heartache of being such a small minority any more than I can take being in close proximity with thousands of folks who believe in fairytales.




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