Lawsuit: State trooper preached about Jesus during traffic stop (

I am just going to get out of the way of this one ... though when I saw the headline on The Daily Kos, my immediate reaction was, Say WHAT?!?


Ellen Bogan expects police to protect and serve — not proselytize.

But she says Indiana State Police Trooper Brian Hamilton pitched Christianity to her when he pulled her over for an alleged traffic violation in August on U.S. 27 in Union County.

With the lights on his marked police car still flashing, the trooper handed Bogan a warning ticket. Then, Bogan said, Hamilton posed some personal questions.

Did she have a home church?

Did she accept Jesus Christ as her savior?

"It's completely out of line and it just — it took me aback," Bogan, 60, told The Indianapolis Star.

Bogan and the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana have filed a lawsuit in federal court against Hamilton. The lawsuit alleges he violated Bogan's First and Fourth Amendment rights when he probed into her religious background and handed her a church pamphlet that asks the reader "to acknowledge that she is a sinner."

State Police spokesman Capt. David Bursten confirmed that State Police received notice about the lawsuit in late September but said the agency does not comment on pending litigation.

Calls to a home number listed for Hamilton were not returned.

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Another reality challenged woo salesman, illegally using his authority to try gaining a fellow nutter.

I would find that quite creepy, because of the threat that the cop might change the warning ticket into a real ticket if I said I wasn't religious - or suddenly get inspired to search my car ... 

When I get stopped by police, I'm in a state of tension while the encounter lasts. 

Total agreement, never mind the coercion value associated with the uniform and position.  Were I in that situation, my first instinct is to answer straight up and honestly, as the whole trip about Jebus and "savior" are distasteful to me in the extreme.  What complications might arise from that, though, could be considerable, depending on the officer's attitude and mindset.

Long term, though, expect the officer and department both to get sued for money they didn't know they had!

I hope to hell you're right about this, And then . . . it will probably be the antichrist ACLU handling the case, and it will be yet another case of persecuting christians in the left wing's war against god.

In the words of Beaver Cleaver, "Gosh Wally, that's really creepy!" Unfortunately, there are some real jerk police officers out there. Mind you, I'm not painting all law enforcement officers with a broad tar brush. There are some excellent ones out there also. This guy, however, does not qualify as the latter!

The problem Indiana State Police will have is that once he issued the warning ticket, and absent a legally justifiable and articulable reason for any further detention of the motorist, the stop was over and she was free to leave. I just wonder if Jesus will pick up his share of the settlement, which I strongly suspect will include his job.

I suspect Ward and June would have been equally disturbed ... even for the 60s!

Isnt that illegal?
No worries! Atheism has grown and is still growing in our country by leaps and bounds.

Just between you, me, and the rosebush ... yeah, I'm pretty sure it's BADLY illegal!

Pretty much, yeah.  I've heard from several fundies who say what amounts to, "If you aren't being persecuted for your activities, you're not being Christian enough."  So, apparently, Jesus wants you to be an asshole to those around you.

"Be an asshole" is the secret 11th commandment. If you follow that one hard enough, you can forget the first ten and still go to heaven.

Nah, man.  It isn't a secret.

I guess you're right. All the Koch brothers' minions seem to know about it.




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