Licence plates featuring Jesus on the cross and religious slogans can now be purchased in Florida. Proceeds will go to "Faith based" teaching in public school.

Uhm... lawsuit? Anyone? Please?

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If I lived in Florida, I would contact the ACLU.
*facepalm* I do live in Florida. Guess I'll be becoming a pain in someone's ass real soon about this. Emails directly to the senators in question for a start.
It's the faith-based education in PUBLIC school part I object to, not the religious imagery. Granted it's scary and gross but I'm a free-speecher. I'm okay with pornography so I can't object to this on those grounds. And any group can raise money through license plates here if it gets approved, but I don't like the idea of ANY faith-based education in my son's classroom.
Here in VA anyone can get their own plate, you just need 400 signatures or some such. I've checked and there aren't any freethinking, secular types yet.
Putting their views on a licence plate can be good. At least you can know ahead of time to stay clear of deluded people.
Another reason for me to not visit Florida.

I'm really getting sick of politicians try to wipe their ass with the Constitution.
"No Senator, just because your using the side without writing doesn't make it okay"
Here it be:

Uhmm, why doesn't he have any armpit hair? Perhaps he had immaculate electrolysis.
License plates are expression by the states, even if they are purchased by individuals and even if there are several choices. This plate is an attempt to erase separation of church and state.

I wonder if someone tried to buy a Jesus plate, and got the vanity label "BULL SHIT" where the SAM PLE letter are? Would the state allow that? Of course not. Nevada banned a tofu fan's plate that said something to the effect of ILUVTOFU.

In other words, the state regulates what goes on the plates and is an expression of state policy.

I hope this doesn't go through.




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