Magician Set On Fire: TV Host Severely Burns Wayne Houchin During Impromptu Exorcism

Magician Wayne Houchin was set on fire during a live TV appearance in the Dominican Republic earlier this week.

But this wasn’t a stunt gone wrong. According to The Stir, Houchin was the victim of an improvised exorcism.

The magician, who hosted a season of the Discovery Channel’s Breaking Magic, appeared on a talk show in the Dominican Republic earlier this week to promote his new show Curiosidades. During the show, the talk show host reportedly poured burning cologne on Houchin’s head. The host reportedly used Aqua De Florida cologne, which is apparently used by shamen as a cleansing agent, in order to wash the voodoo off of Houchin.

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I hate impromptu exorcisms.  An exorcism needs to be properly planned.


Seriously though, this is horrible.

thats called assault with intent to do bodily harm and the show "host/exorcist" should be in jail and have to pay damages. we need to start calling this shit what it is and prosecute those that do it and dont take any crap from lawyers claiming it was a "religious" prerogative.

The latest I heard was that there was a warrant out for his arrest, and no one knew where he was. Not sure if they've found him or not.

He is in New York and keeps insisting it was an accident.   If that is true then he is criminally stupid.  They are trying the extradite him.


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