Maine's Catholic Church donations to anti-gay campaign top $550,000

Maine's Catholic Church donations to anti-gay campaign top $550,000

Today, we have more evidence of just how much the Catholic Church, led by Bishop Richard Malone, is funding the anti-gay campaign in Maine, meaning the Bishop is funding the lies. The campaign director for the anti-gay campaign in Maine, Marc Mutty, recently admitted that his side has been misleading the people of Maine. (Mutty is actually an employee of the Catholic Diocese on Maine, who is on leave to run the campaign.) Here's the latest, via AP:

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland has given another $152,600 to the group that's trying to overturn Maine's gay-marriage law.

A spokeswoman said the new contributions were transferred from a "rainy day" fund to the Stand for Marriage Maine political action committee.

That brings total Roman Catholic contributions to more than $550,000. That includes more than $180,000 from the Diocese of Portland, $141,300 from individual parishioners in Maine and $214,000 from other dioceses and bishops across the U.S.

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Is this the important work that all the pedohpile cases is endangering? If so, sue them into oblivion.
Things we could put our thousands of dollars into:

- Food for the needy.

- Shelter or supplies for the homeless.

- Medical care for the uninsured.

- Education.

- Oppressing people based on their choice of adult, consensual, sex partners.

Yeah, I'm thinking that's exactly what Jesus would have done.




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