6 pm May 21 has already come and gone many places west of the International Date Line and so far, no SBC's (Suddenly Ballistic Christians).

More here.

Out to lunch?


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I'm shocked, shocked!
Yea, but God time is different from human time, so 6pm could actually mean six years from now!
Nothing happening in Europe. Does this mean that God only loves Americans and not us? Sob sob :-(

Ya'll are cheese-eatin' deegenerates. 

Oh what a friend we have in cheeses! :)
I thought it was 6 PM Central Time.
I hope so , because I am hoping to get a new car and all the money that will be floating around!!

Ah, here we go.


How it will happen

Camping's prediction: At 11 p.m. PDT Friday, New Zealand will be the first country to feel the enormous earthquake that will slowly make its way around the globe, striking California at 6 p.m. PDT Saturday. Believers will ascend to heaven, and nonbelievers will die sometime before Oct. 21. (As of Saturday morning California time, New Zealand and points west were still doing fine.)
Source: Harold Camping and Family Radio


From: http://www.mercurynews.com/bay-area-news/ci_18107360?nclick_check=1

As I'm the center of the universe, I expect it to be at 6 PM Eastern Time.

This completely explains what happened.


Holy shit that's awesome!
That looks like "Macho Republican Jesus kicks Regular Jesus' ass".



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