Clip of a cspan video of Minnesota nutbag and certifiably crazy-lady Michelle Bachmann taking the time of this economic turmoil, wasting the time of congress to chide President Obama and proselytize in front of Congress.

Someone needs to punch this woman with a big fist of common sense.

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I cannot express how much I dislike that woman!
I can give it a try... vile, inane, blood-boilingly infuriating...

There's another word... I rarely use it, but for her I feel it's appropriate for this blight on American politics I wont' type it here but it rhymes with "Sucking bunt"
Ah yes. Those all work.
I spearheaded a local outreach of Obama supporters to Muslims. We went to mosques with information during Friday night meals (unfortunately, all the fellow supporters were MEN so I was stuck halfway around the compound on my own...)

I'm glad to have a President who represents all Americans, not just Christy McChurches. I'm always proud of our nation and my vote when I hear him say we are not a Christian nation. We aren't. Michelle Bachmann is a moron who can't put together a real argument, and so wastes everyone's time with her personal and infantile views. A shame she's representing Minnesotans and women as one of the few female congresspeople.

Plus, quote mining is so lame.




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